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Dr Vivek Bindra

The author is Founder and CEO, Bada Business Pvt Ltd

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Must-have Business Skills To Take The Entrepreneurial Plunge

While a number of essential business skills are usually learnt on the job, it is advisable for wantrepreneurs to prepare themselves by learning a series of critical business skills.

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Time To Prepare, Not Despair: Youth Must Skill And Prepare Themselves For A Changing Economy

For youth who are anxious about their career prospects, it is important to realize that while an economic crisis is real, it is only a transitionary phase.

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Job Creation And Boosting Entrepreneurial Activity In Rural Areas Must Be Top Priorities In The First Post COVID Budget

As we await India’s first post-COVID budget, it is essential that Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman lays top priority on job creation and boosting entrepreneurial activity.

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Are You Job Ready For The Changing Times?

Not only have job opportunities shrunk, the nature of jobs has also changed dramatically in the post COVID world.

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MSMEs Need Creative HR Interventions to Maximize Productivity

In small organizations that may not have the resources to hire top-notch talent from their fields, intelligent talent association strategies need to be worked out. A balanced combination of regular workforce with talented part-timers and freelancers or consultants can be worked out to ensure that the best talent is onboarded in the given resources

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Need For Technology Adoption In MSME Sector

What are the ways in which the MSME sector can adopt a quick ‘technological turnaround’ for itself?

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Why Indian Entrepreneurs Need Business Training And Upskilling

Entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs today can undertake a series of online courses to upskill themselves in multiple aspects of business operations.

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Re-skilling Workforce For Post COVID World

As organizations invest in automation drives, a parallel investment and focus is also needed on re-skilling their workforce.

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Reimagining Employment Post Migration Crisis: Need For Entrepreneurial Revolution In Small Town And Villages

At a time when established businesses are facing closures and retrenchment in ‘India’, a wave of individual entrepreneurial initiatives in ‘Bharat’ can lead the way forward.

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