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Dr M Muneer

The author is Co-founder and Chief Evangelist at the non-profit Medici Institute Foundation for Diversity and Innovation; and also the CEO of CustomerLab Solutions, a strategy execution and disruptive innovation consulting firm.

Latest Articles By Dr M Muneer


What Not To Do For Remote Meetings

One essential part of WFH has been numerous remote meetings, which may or may not include large number of participants depending on your work.

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Meeting Etiquette in the Time of Pandemic

Here are some evolving good manners that can come in handy when your meetings get scheduled henceforth virtually whether it is via teleconference, videoconference or online meeting rooms

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Corona-Reshaped The Board Meetings

It is almost that time of the year when annual and quarterly results have to be announced and directors of boards have to come together to do their due diligence.

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Winning In The Transient Advantage Era

Five-year plans were very normal decades ago but today we find the time span is getting much shorter, and in many companies, annual updates on strategy is the norm

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The Size Matters for your first offer

Your initial offer is vitally important to your financial wellbeing. It is the initial stock grant that will vest – do not count on significant refreshes or new grants. It is the initial salary that will form the basis for the percentage raise.

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