Bhavana Bindra

A graduate of Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore, Bhavana joined the corporate world starting with Consulting at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), followed by almost 13 years in the Manufacturing & Engineering sector with the US MNC Cummins India Limited. Setting up and running businesses with expertise in the areas of leadership, strategic thinking, sales and marketing, Bhavana believes learning is continuous and experiments worth the time spent. This explains explaining her stint at a start-up in the Data analytics space, as well as her last role in the Chemicals industry as the Managing Director of a Dutch company in India.

Latest Articles By Bhavana Bindra


Jettisoning ...

The point is – as professionals choose to jettison organizations from their lives, why then should one hold layoffs against organizations? Laissez-faire!

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The Disruptor Or Disrupted

Leadership in several companies are aware of changes that may be coming their way, requiring for them to transform.

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Unlimiting Business Boundaries

As a leader, the focus should on enabling people to sift through the reasons that organizations are unable to achieve their purpose and hence unleash their potential- addressable or otherwise.

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Generating Wealth Beyond Money

Knowledge is the other important form of wealth- whether in terms of education, skills or talent that one must treasure and strive to grow.

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