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Collective Bargaining in India: Procedure and Types

Collective bargaining is a term used to describe the procedure, whereby employers must attempt to reach an agreement regarding terms of employment and the working conditions of labour with the trade unions, instead of with individual workers.

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Exemptions granted to startups under labour laws in India

Startup India is a flagship initiative of the Government of India, envisioned to build a strong eco-system for promoting innovation and startups in India that will drive sustainable economic growth and generate large scale employment opportunities. Startups are defined by the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, as an entity, incorporated or registered in India not prior to seven years, with annual turnover not exceeding Indian Rupees Twenty-Five Crores in any preceding financial year, working towards innovation, development, deployment or commercialization of new products, processes or services driven by technology or intellectual property.

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Whether employees can waive statutory rights in their employment contracts

As regards the waiver of rights in employment agreements is concerned, it is permissible for an employee to waive off contractual rights to potential employment claims. However, an employee is not permitted to waive off statutory rights by way of a contractual agreement with an employer.

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Balancing Employer and Employees Demands

CHRO is entrusted with facilitating the growth and transformation of the company with the right governance, strategy and risk management system.

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