Ajay Trehan

Ajay Trehan is an expert on background screening process and outsourcing, and founded background screening company AuthBridge in 2005. He advocates the need for responsible hiring practices and is a speaker at various thought leadership forums. Ajay holds a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from IIT New Delhi, and is also a certified ISO 9000 auditor

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Top Trends That Will Shape Up the Hiring Process in 2021

As the demand for talent gains back momentum, it is bound to put pressure on talent acquisition teams and staffing agencies. It’s vital to understand the key trends that will shape the hiring processes in 2021 and plan to adapt to these changes.

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Why Times Call For Periodic Background Verification of Employees?

In the times when workplaces are being pushed harder than ever to innovate, learn and unlearn to both win customers and to protect their interest; inability to trust your own employees shouldn’t be baggage.

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