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The author is working as Sr Correspondent with BW Businessworld and BW People

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How Cognizant is Preparing The Next Generation Of Tech Professionals For Future-Ready Digital Capabilities?

"We are expanding our L&D programs to upskill talent in future-ready digital capabilities and hone our leadership pipeline."

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The Myntra Of Employee Comfort And Creativity

The new office of Myntra makes a statement about its core business, speaks to its youthful employee base and provides stimulating work environment

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“Coming Out Increases Job Satisfaction"

Zainab Javid Patel, Lead Inclusion & Diversity, Pernod Ricard India, describes why the LGBTQ community should come out of the closet and lead a meaningful life, in conversation with Sugandh Bahl

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From Being Flamboyant To Being Included

Honestly, in 19th century, both Hollywood and Bollywood saw its queer characters as nothing but flamboyant, laughing stocks who were just there to establish a twitchy note within the films.

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Vention Ire On Video

Exit interviews being posted on social media platforms are gaining popularity. Is the feedback given on video completely true?

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"People's Trust In Us Is A Result Of Our Success And Strong Commitment To Doing What Is Right By Society."

Greave's recently opened manufacturing plant in Ranipet, Tamil Nadu, women make up the majority of the working population, accounting for 70% of the workforce.

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How IBM Plans To Tap Into Talent Beyond The Metro Cities?

"Instead of hiring talent from smaller cities and placing them in offices in key metros, we are now taking our offices closer to the talent pools."

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How New-Age Onboarding And Induction Is Changing With The Current Mode Of Working?

When it comes to virtual onboarding, organizations can easily make the process efficient and smooth by maintaining professionalism while extending a warm welcome, clearly defining goals and expectations, setting up a virtual buddy to help the new hires, using explainer videos, and frequently checking up with new hires and taking stock of their progress.

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New Wage Code: What’s New For Employees?

Within the framework of legislation, the new laws accommodate the minimum wage requirements and welfare needs of unorganised sector workers, including those who are self-employed and workers

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How is Mirchi Divulging Into The Tech Space To Hire Talent Experts Across Tech, And Data Sectors?

Mirchi has always had programming and content experts, lately the brand has been focussing on strengthening its digital presence and has been hiring tech, data, product experts to aid them for the same.

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