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At Zeta we place people at the heart of our function

In an exclusive interview with BW People, Margaret Dsouza, Head HR, Directi, talks about the development of employees, best hiring policies, and best strategies to manage the workforces.

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At ScoopWhoop, Millenials are more than just entertainment seekers

In an exclusive interview with BW People, Rishi Pratim Mukherjee, Co-Founder & COO of ScoopWhoop Media tells us the success story of ScoopWhoop while also shedding some light on how working with millennial has been an exciting journey.

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Key to retaining people in the company is its culture

In an exclusive interview with Mr Gopal Devanahalli, CEO, MeritTrac services, he talks about the hiring structure, best policies and asessment techniques at MeritTrac.

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Upskilling the current workforce and preparing the future workforce

The basic and the only thing which I would like to change in the workforce quality would be UpSkilling says Sudhakar Reddy- Executive Director, Nirvedha.

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Escape to a better environment: Pleasin Strides Foundation

Pleasin Strides foundation, an NGO distributes air purifying plants to about 250 traffic police personnel as an environmental initiative.

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Centum Learning: A Blended version of human and technology

In an exclusive interview with BW People, Sanjay Bahl, CEO, Centum Learning, talks about the key features of Centum learning and how the skill and training programs are taking shape and being molded as per the need of the industry.

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Game-based hiring the way forward in the recruitment space

"it is an unsolved question because we still can't define leadership. I can imagine that a cognitive test has an anticipation, and I think a part of leadership is anticipation.” says, Bas Van De Haterd

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My leadership is something which can be better heard from employee observation: Pradipto Ganguly

In an exclusive interview with BW People , Pradipto Ganguly - CEO & Co-Founder – Britzo, (iVVO Mobile Phone), talks about their social and market targets. He also talks about the hiring structure at BRITZO and employee satisfaction

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AI is the need of the hour

In an exclusive interview with BW People, Ashish Anand, Group Head HR, Religare, talks about the latest trend in the HR industry and how technology is evolving with every passing day. He also talks about the responsibilities and initiatives they have taken at Religare.

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