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Going Ahead Stronger

The vaccination team at each centre will have five members, two security personnel to validate the identity of the beneficiary and three nurses to vaccinate and observe the healthcare professional after the process is complete.

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Ecommerce Sector’s Role In The Year Of Turbulence

The role of ecommerce in 2020 has not been limited to the sale of goods online. Apparently, it helped in sustaining the country’s aching economy at different points.

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The Goal is Simple - to Build Better Service, Says Founder & CEO of Zoom

Zoom has a global data center and gives their customers a flexible network routing functionality. Meaning, they can decide which country's data center they want to use and which they don't.

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‘HR Team Should Stay Connected With Colleagues, Provide Emotional Comfort’ says Satyanarayana Vinjamoori

Speaking on a virtual discussion at BW People Presents BW Dialogue on People Power in Association with BW Businessworld, Satyanarayana Vinjamoori, Senior Director- HR, ADP thinks that the 'Work From Home' cannot be a norm and should only be allowed in exceptional situations.

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Top Leadership Taking Fast Decisions Sustained Power-Grid During Lockdown: Amarnath Verma, Executive Director (HR) of NTPC

Amarnath Verma, Executive Director (HR), NTPC shared how NTPC took on the challenges during the lockdown and came up with the solutions at the BW People Presents BW Dialogue on People Power in Association with BW Businessworld.

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Corona Lockdown: Home Delivery Business Surges, But Challenges Galore

Amidst the lockdown, essential commodities like groceries are seeing a huge surge in demand, however, delivery boys, vendors are being pushed back/not allowed to enter residential societies; online deliveries getting cancelled/delayed too

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Evolution Of Design In Future Workplace

In the panel discussion, experts discussed how design is evolving in the future workplace and gave views on it at the SKV Conference.

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