Madhumita Chakraborty

Madhumita Chakraborty is a business journalist, who has across 31 years worked with two major financial newspapers in India (‘The Economic Times’ and ‘The Financial Express’), been a columnist (for Hindustan Dainik), an occasional commentator on economic issues on Lok Sabha Television and a researcher. She is a proud alumnus of Presidency College, Kolkata (now Presidency University), with literary pretentions. (Her first published work was a short story).

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Gen Z Ready To Take On World On Its Own Terms

Generation Z, now poised to test the waters of the job market, will spring many surprises on the employers of the day. This very young, energetic and bold generation is willing to trample on some traditions to be able to lead a more meaningful life, finds a BW-Businessworld - XBSL study

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