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Winning Stroke: Interview with Mazhar Nadiadwala, MD, Dome Entertainment

"I would rather mention a bird here, the Phoenix because it rises from the ashes!"

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Winning Stroke: Interview with Arjuun Bajaj, CEO and Founder,Daiwa TV

"‘Control your emotions’ - The more important a decision is, the more you should think it through logically and rationally, never let your emotions drive your decisions."

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Winning Stroke: Interview with R.N Mohanty, CEO, Sightsavers India

"My work so far in the development sector, and expanding Sightsavers reach where it is most needed."

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Winning Stroke: Interview with Anup Gosavi, Founder, Spext

“Understand if it is a reversible or an irreversible decision and never confuse the two. If it is reversible, it can be corrected later, so don’t overanalyze it.”

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Winning Stroke: Interview with Mansoor Ali,Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Hamdard India

"The ability to have balance, which is a hugely underrated concept. Most people pass their entire lives in a state of chaos and flux."

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Winning Stroke: Interview with Akash Gaurav, Founder & CEO, Auxledger Foundation

"Decide fast but ensure you are in your right mind while signing off."

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Winning Stroke: Interview with Pratik Jain, COO, MyOperator

“I’m trying to be better than yesterday’ Pratik Jain

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Winning Stroke: Interview with Satyam Kumar, CO-Founder and CEO,

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all”- from the movie Mulan.

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Winning Stroke: Interview with Shane Watson

My favorite Bollywood movie is M.S Dhoni, says Watson

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