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Money Is The Only Oxygen For Startups

At times, online sucks. When a product is delivered late to a customer, for instance, sometimes the customer will go online and speak ill of the company.

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Job Market is Dull But May Revive Soon

The Low Growth In the Manufacturing Sector Coupled With The Decline In Growth of Services Sector From 9.7 percent In Financial year 16 To 7.7 percent In financial year 17 is the Reasons Why Job Market is Dull.

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Meet The Thrill Seeker: Anshu Budhraja

I put my freedom at stake & lead the company through tough regulatory challenges.

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Employers Extend Help to Fight Smog

United Airlines canceled its flights to India’s capital because of poor air quality.

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Diary of a Woman Leader :Sakshi Malik

Success for me is not the awards, prize money or the admiration. Success is my own capability to do better and explore myself as a player.

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Execution is greater than an idea: Ashish Kashyap, CEO Ibibio

In a candid interview with BWPeople, Kashyap said,'Exiting Google India to start Ibibio was the biggest risk in life.'

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The Unstoppable Raj: She bats,She leads

'In addition, I believe one should not be bossy. Leading is often confused with dominance. Consider opinions of people in your team, hearing out everybody boosts the morale of the team,' said Mithali Raj, captain of Indian Women's Cricket Team.

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