upGrad KnowledgeHut Announces Job-Guarantee Programs For Skill Seekers

· upGrad KnowledgeHut has started rolling out its Job Guarantee program with its flagship Full Stack Development (FSD) bootcamp · The job guarantee program has been enabled through strategic partnerships with upGrad KnowledgeHut’s more than 4500 existing enterprise customers and new partners.


Taking its outcome focus to the next level, Bangalore-based short-duration skilling provider UpGrad KnowledgeHut has launched a job guarantee scheme for its learners. The new scheme is currently available for the flagship Full Stack Development (FSD) course and will soon include Data Science and the remaining 300+ courses in the coming months. Towards ensuring the success of the new scheme, upGrad KnowledgeHut is leveraging the more than 4,000 enterprise customers that it has been working with since inception and is also adding new partners to strengthen the program.

The new scheme has also been designed taking cognizance of the world’s workforce returning to work post the Covid-19 pandemic. There is an increased need for this workforce to upskill in the continually evolving technology space to ‘catch up’ with what is referred to as the ‘new normal’. A significant portion of the workforce was forced to quit or take deep cuts in salary over the last two years due to the pandemic.

As part of the new scheme, upGrad KnowledgeHut will help participants with various aspects of the job hunt towards enabling them to get their dream job. This includes interview preparation, CV & LinkedIn profile building, soft skill training and mock assessments. KnowledgeHut will also ensure that learners get the maximum possible starting salary or salary hike. Freshers are expected to get a job with an average starting salary of Rs. 10 lakhs per year.

Commenting on the launch of job-guaranteed programs, Subramanyam Reddy, CEO and Founder, upGrad KnowledgeHut said, “The global workplace has seen significant change over the last couple of years. While this has further fueled the demand for upskilled professionals across the globe, it has also brought in a significant amount of job insecurity. Keeping this in mind, we have developed this job-guarantee scheme. Not only does it equip our learners with expertise in next-generation skills, it also provides much-needed assurance. We have developed a significant experience and expertise in the last decade of working in this industry and it is only natural for us to leverage it in the best possible way to help our learners make the most of it. We are confident that this scheme will go a long way in helping those who need it the most.”

A recent report from one of the big five management consulting firms said that that as much as 40% of the workforce feels that their job-roles will be obsolete in five years while another 70% believe that upskilling is critical for job security and future job prospects. The continuous evolution of technology coupled with the increasing gap in job readiness of individuals looking to enter the workplace has led to a significant demand for workers that are highly skilled in emerging technologies. KnowledgeHut, a leading provider of these courses, has been working for several years to reduce this gap. With its focus to help enterprises become more productive, upGrad KnowledgeHut works with individuals and enterprises to enhance competencies and equip the world’s workforce with job-critical skills through outcome-based immersive learning programs.

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