Yocket launches #Callamentor - Mentorship Program For Study Abroad Aspirants

Through this campaign, Over 15000 students have registered across the globe for this mentorship program.


India's online network for international education, Yocket launches #Callamentor campaign to connect study abroad aspirants with students from universities across the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Ireland for guidance, to get one step closer to their dream education. The initiative encourages learners to eliminate their reservations as well as receive first-hand feedback from individuals who have already started their schooling overseas. The mentors are well-versed in the process and therefore can provide insight through their experience.

The objective behind to launch the avant-garde initiative is to provide a medium to help aspirants get all the aid they need to fulfil their dream. The onset of the pandemic created anxiety amongst people across the globe, especially students. All their ambitions were forced to be put on hold, leaving a sense of uncertainty in the minds of students wishing to study abroad in the best of universities. This mentorship scheme gives students the opportunity to gain assistance and clear any queries they have regarding the education system in times of COVID-19, job opportunities, the university, or online classes.

Through this campaign, Over 15000 students have registered across the globe for this mentorship program with over 100 student mentors from the leading universities.  The program aims to connect aspirants to student mentors from universities of their choice and gives them an opportunity to see which university is right for them.

Sumeet Jain, Co-founder, Yocket said, “In the past few months, we have seen a very difficult situation for international students. Since we have a huge community of aspirants and alumni, we thought of connecting them for one to one sessions. We have students from more than 1000 universities on our platform which makes it a great pool and who better than the international students themselves to give out the ground situation to these aspirants.”

“This mentorship program will help ease the minds of students, overcome the uncertainty and prepare for the best of education that lies ahead of them” he added.

Recently, Yocket has also launched a free one-time consultation with their advisors to any student who wants to study abroad. A helpline was opened up, where students can schedule a call with their advisors on any kind of issues they have as well as provide free webinar services to the International universities so that they can directly interact with the candidates and solve their queries and they could get best-fit students for their universities.

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