Women In Workplace Will Take 217 Years To Close Down On Gender Diversity

Gender diversity in the workplace is still quite significant across the world. With the current rate of change, women in the jobs will take 217 years to be at par with men


Gender diversity in the workplace has been a much debatable issue for the welfare of the women and countries have started making progress in terms of gender diversity understanding that talent is a critical factor for growth and a further progress is expected.

According to the LinkedIn – WEF (World Economic Forum) Gender Gap report, the gender gaps at the industry level highlights that even though qualified women are coming out of the education system, many industries are failing to hire, retain and promote them. The report titled ‘Global Gender Gap Report’ was compiled online in 144 countries, including India covering 12 industries.

Given the current rate of change, the Global Gender Gap Report estimates it will take 217 years to close the economic gender gap.

The average hiring of women has increased by 6 per cent across 12 industries in India. Further, sectors like energy and mining, manufacturing and real estate have seen the highest change in the percentage of the female hiring rate in the last 10 years. Surprisingly, education industry which initially had the third highest percentage of women hired showed slow growth over the years and dropped in the rank to become the sixth highest.

Software and IT services, manufacturing and healthcare industries have shown the highest increase globally, while the energy and mining sector ranked among the lowest. Industries that have witnessed a high change in hiring of women have also seen an increase in their talent pool. Non-profit and education industries have peaked in their women talent pools and other industries continue to grow.

The report analysed large gaps in the availability of women talent for entry-level positions and the demand for hiring in industries like manufacturing, energy and mining.

As per the report, demand for women hires surpassed the supply in non-profit, media and communications industries. While women worldwide are making progress closing gaps in critical areas such as health and education, gender gaps in the workforce and in politics are quite large.


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