Women Entrepreneurs Face Challenges In Striking Right Balance In Work-Life

"What started as a journey with a promise to create naturally safe products that I can use for my daughters, quickly evolved and today we are a family of over 5,00,000 moms in over 100 Indian cities and towns"


Malika Sadani, Founder & CEO, The Moms Co. talks to BW People about her entrepreneurship journey, work-life balance issues and providing employment.

How did you come up with the platform? What transpired the idea and where do you want to take it forward?

it all started from a personal struggle of not being able to find good quality, natural & safe products for my daughters. It was during my stay in London that I got introduced to the harmful effects of chemicals used in skincare products. On moving back to India, when my daughter had her first skin reaction, I realised it was so hard to find great quality Natural products that were safe & effective. I landed up importing products for my daughters.

After speaking with over 200 moms, I realised that they too were facing the same struggle of finding safe, natural and effective products for their babies. That was when the idea to create a brand that is truly a moms’ partner on their journey into motherhood came alive. I started The Moms Co. with a mission to help moms make natural, safe and effective solutions for themselves and their families. What started as a journey with a promise to create naturally safe products that I can use for my daughters, quickly evolved and today we are a family of over 5,00,000 moms in over 100 Indian cities and towns. 

I would want to continue growing The Moms Co. in a way that creates a positive impact in the lives of moms and babies. We aim to be a mom's trusted partner in her journey into motherhood.

What challenges did you come up against in your journey as an entrepreneur? How would you sum up the opportunities for women entrepreneurs? 

I think challenges evolve at every stage of the company. When we started, it was difficult for me to get people to align with our vision. We wanted to create Natural, Toxin-Free products that adhered to the toughest global safety standards and convincing partners on the same was often tough. I remember being questioned on if I was going to run the company alone or how would I find the time to do this with young kids. Over the last 3 years, we have come a long way. People have now started believing in my vision of creating high-quality products that don’t compromise on the safety of any ingredient or product we make. 

The world is full of men trying to build businesses around women’s needs. Women understand other women’s needs better, it’s time they create businesses for the same. 

What progress have women made in terms of being perceived as a leader and what more can be done?

We have definitely seen a rise in the number of women who are leading from the front across various sectors. I think we need to have more forums and collaborative platforms where women can come together and share their challenges, speak about their experiences and help other women out. 

What are the work-life balance issues for women in the corporate world? How can they find the perfect balance?

Women entrepreneurs face a unique set of challenges and having young kids add a new dimension to those challenges. When I was starting out, I was faced with twin challenges - identifying good quality natural ingredients and manufacturers who could partner with us and at home, looking after my young daughters. I’m sure there are many other women entrepreneurs out there who have faced such challenges. 

While my passion for The Moms Co. is all-consuming, it is important for me to strike the right balance between motherhood and work responsibilities. I think everyone needs to find their own balance in today’s hyper-connected world where it is hard to switch off from work. 

Both my daughters and my venture are very young and require my undivided attention. There are three mantras that I follow which have helped me immensely - discipline, routine and prioritizing. Having a strong support system at home and a set routine for my daughters ensures that I am able to align my work and not miss out on an important event, both at work and at home. Throughout my journey as an entrepreneur, I have learned to delegate and ask for help. 

I think with time I have learned to work together to manage the two. The fact that my daughters take immense pride in my work enables me to push forward and achieve my goals. 

How has your journey as an entrepreneur shaped you as a person?

Entrepreneurship has made me resilient. Initially, it was difficult for me to get people to take me seriously as a business person. I have heard everything from "Everyone believes they can run a business these days" to "You will run the business?". But I have come a long way in the last 3 years, from fighting people to take me seriously to getting people to imbibe the mission and ensure that it reflects in everything we do.

Being an entrepreneur has also opened up many opportunities to learn on the go. From learning about the compliances to people management to marketing - it has offered me the chance to step out of my comfort zone and grow. 

How many jobs have you created through since inception? What are future employment opportunities? 

Over the last 3 years, we have been fortunate to create employment for over 150 people who have continued to grow with us. As we continue to further our mission to help moms make natural, safe and effective choices for themselves and their families, we look forward to creating many such opportunities at various levels.


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