Winning Stroke: Interview with Prasenjit Roy, Senior Vice President & CMO, Netmagic

I would like to visit Iceland to see the Northern Lights.


If not in the current Profession, you would be?

I knew that Marketing is what I wanted to do right from the time I was picked up in the 2nd year of Engineering by a US firm to do a Marketing assignment. There was no looking back.

One tune you always hum?

Although there are many songs that I like, Hotel California is one that comes to mind instantly.

One Book to read when you want to motivate yourselves?

Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach is a highly motivating book I have read.

One Dialogue of a movie that motivates you or you like the most?

There are many, but I am particularly inspired by a dialogue from the movie on Steve Jobs: “The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.”

The Place you never been to and always want to go?

I would like to visit Iceland to see the Northern Lights.

Choose one from each below:

a)    Marvel or DC


b)    Batman or Superman


c)   Tom or Jerry

Jerry any day!

d)    Chacha Chaudhary or Super Commando Dhruv

Chacha Chaudhury for his sheer brilliance

If your life was to be turned into a movie who would you like to play your part?

Perhaps Will Smith

Luck or Hard Work, what do you think weighs more in defining a successful Person?

I think each person is responsible for defining their own path of success through a mix of hard work and luck. Both go hand in hand.

One best decision you ever made?

It would have to be joining Netmagic’s team. I’m thrilled with the enthusiasm and energy of my current Marketing team.

A strategy that you always use to take your decisions in Personal or Professional life?

I go by the mantra “Don’t quit” in both my personal and professional life.

Whose advise you seek when in dilemma?

There are many people I look up to when I need advice. I am not sure if I can name one person alone.

What has been your biggest achievement?

Developing Business, Presence and Brand Equity for Netmagic in Continental Europe where the company had absolutely no footprint.

One thing that you want to change in yourself?

I always prefer to leverage on my strength and proceed accordingly, rather than introspecting on weakness. That is probably one thing I would want to change.

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