Winning Stroke: Interview with K. Sunil, CEO and founder of Alchemie Commerce official Indian distribution partner of Energy Sistem

"Lions - signifies courage, power, royalty, dignity, authority, justice, wisdom, and ferocity."


1. If not in the current profession, you would be?

Ans :  I love what i do and cannot imagine doing anything else. 

2.Luck or Hard Work, what do you think weighs more in defining a successful person?

Ans : Hard work coupled with the ability to identify opportunities. Most opportunities are generally hidden and identifying them and leveraging them are interpreted as luck by others  

3. One best decision you ever made.

Ans: Without doubt, starting up Alchemie Commerce is one of the best decisions in the last year. 

4. A strategy that you always use to take your decisions in personal or professional life.

Ans : All important decisions to be weighed using a long term and short term scale. Using immediate benefit as barometer for  short term scale and risk as barometer for long term 

5. Whose advice do you seek when in dilemma?

Ans - My wife Sujata, who I rely on, for a balanced view in cases where I need an advice

6. What has been your biggest achievement?

Ans :  Moving away from traditional offline and online distribution to brand franchising and making it into a success

7. One thing that you want to change in yourself

Ans : Trusting people blindly is one attribute that I would like to change 

8. Line said by your closed one that you never forget.

Ans : Never waste time and resources over spilt milk. Move on and start afresh after wrong decisions or adverse times 

9. One tune you always hum.

Ans : Eye of the Tiger

10. One book to read when you want to motivate yourselves.

Ans : I am a firm believer of lessons in Bhagwad Gita, and look at the lessons as a source of inspiration and guidance.

11. One dialogue of a movie that motivates you or you like the most

Ans :"It's not personal, Sonny. It's strictly business." - from Godfather

12. The place you never been to and always want to go.

Ans : Ive always wanted to see the Northern lights. It is an amazing natural phenomenon and surreal. 


13. An animal that signifies you & why?

Ans : Lions - signifies courage, power, royalty, dignity, authority, justice, wisdom, and ferocity.

14. A movie character you most resemble or resonate with.

Ans : Resemble definitely not, but the character which most resonates with me is Micheal Corleone- played by Al Pacino in "The Godfather"

15. If your life was to be turned into a movie who would you like to play your part?

Ans : While I have a very interesting life, I'm not sure it has the requisite cinematic appeal. However, given a chance would like Ranveer Singh to play my part.

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