Winning Stroke: Interview with Dr. Rishi Bhatnagar, President, Aeris Communications India

Be honest, trust others; learn from other’s experiences, says Dr. Bhatnagar.


1) If not in the current Profession, you would be?

I would have been a cook or a chef

2) One tune you always hum?

O palan hare, nirgun o nyare, tere bin hamara kouno nahin

3) One Book to read when you want to motivate yourselves?

Shrimat Bhagawat Geeta

4) One Dialogue of a movie that motivates you or you like the most?

The movie would be Deewar where Shashi kapoor tells Amitabh bachchan “mere paas maa hai”

5) The Place you never been to and always want to go?


6) An animal that signifies you & why?

Lion. Because lion represents leadership.

7) A Movie Character you most resemble or resonate with?

Akshay Kumar - of Special 26

8) If your life was to be turned into a movie who would you like to play your part?

Akshay Kumar

9) Luck or Hard Work, What do you think weighs more in defining a successful Person?

Both have their own significance

10) One best decision you ever made?

Returning from Europe to live with my parents in India.

11) A strategy that you always use to take your decisions in Personal or Professional life?

Be honest, trust others; learn from other’s experiences

12) Whose advise you to seek when in dilemma?

Mr. Vijay Kumar – my guide and mentor from the day I commenced my career.

13) What has been your biggest achievement?

As a family, we have visited all 12 Lord Shiva’s Jyotirlings and all four Dhams of Lord Vishnu

14) One thing that you want to change in yourself?

I have been a very demanding leader

15) A line said by your closed one that you never forget?

A line spoken by my CEO nearly 20 years back comes to my mind; “If I would have been running my own company would I have done that?”

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