Winning Stroke: Interview with Aditya Arora, Intelenet Global

Probably from the famous movie Godfather,"I will make him an offer he can't refuse."


If not in the current profession, which profession would you choose?

 I would have loved to explore career as a professional Snooker player. The game tests one's ability on aspects such as precision, focus, patience-all resulting into the player hitting the target the right way; aspects very much relevant in the professional sphere as well.

One tune that you always hum to?

 Eye of the Tiger is one of most favorite hums as the sheer passion and energy vibes one gets to feel while listening to the song is beyond the normal world.

One book to read that motivate you?

 I have derived a great amount of motivation from the book Open by Andre Agassi

One movie dialogue that motivates you or you like the most?

Probably from the famous movie Godfather,"I will make him an offer he can't refuse."

A place you never been to and always want to go?

 If ever I get a chance I would love to visit Crucible Theatre at Sheffield, England and Leh for the out of the world experience it provides.

An animal that signifies you & why?

 I would to be signified with Honey Badger - fearless and not worried about taking on animals larger than itself

A movie character you most resemble or resonate with?

 Batman for the very fact that it does not actually performs exemplary tasks on virtue of being a superhero but rather does it basis very fundamental and humane aspects such as by being intellectual, detective skills, science and technology to cite a few.

If your life was to be turned into a movie, who would you like should play your part?

Kevin Costner- one of the most prolific actors of our times.

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