Winning Stroke: Interview With Bharat Goyal, Founder and Director, Bhartiyam International School

"I believe it's an amalgamation of both. Hard work along with luck does wonders."


If not in the current profession, you would be?
A lawyer

One tune you always hum?
Main Zindagi ka Sath Nibhata chala Gaya

One book to read when you want to motivate yourself?
Zero to One by Blake Masters and Peter Thie which talks about the entrepreneurs journey at large.

One dialogue of a movie that motivates you or you like the most?
Rocky Movie, It ain't about how hard you hit. It's about How hard you can get hit and keep moving forward

The place you have never been to and always want to go?

An animal that signifies you & why?
Lion signifies the king of the Jungle

A Movie Character you most resemble or resonate with?
Pursuit of Happiness, will Smith played a role of Christopher Garner.

If your life was to be turned into a movie, who would you like to play your part?
Ranveer Singh

Luck or Hard Work, what do you think weighs more in defining a successful person?
I believe it's an amalgamation of both. Hard work along with luck does wonders.

One best decision you ever made?
Starting up an educational institute - Bhartiyam International School with the aim of changing the landscape of education across the Uttrakhand & India

A strategy that you always use to make your decisions in Personal or Professional life?
It came from my GrandFather, he always used to say- If something is going to have a positive impact on someone, do it right now, if it will have a negative impact, delay it.

Whose advice do you seek when in a dilemma?
I always believe family members are the best to provide advice in any dilemmna. I speak to my father , Brother and wife for their opinions.

What has been your biggest achievement?
Stepping into an entrepreneurship journey in a novel sector Education and being awarded Kumaon Ratna & Siksha Ratna by FM of Uttrakhand Late Shri. Prakash Pant Ji.

One thing that you want to change in yourself?
To look out more time for workout

A line said by your closed one that you never forget?
- There is no alternative to Hard work.

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