Welcoming 2021

For this year has proven that your social standing, wealth or anything else does not matter.


The year 2020 was a rude wakeup call for the world.

Many a learning; and glad to be alive to implement those.


For us to be grateful with what we have.

And not to worry about what’s not around.


To remember with a prayer about those dear, who are not around.

But to celebrate every single thing that Nature has bestowed upon us.


To respect what we have and to share it with those not so fortunate.

And to hold onto as very dear, those we ignored before and now learnt as important.


To celebrate every little failure as a way that won’t work.

And to walk ahead, head held high, that you failed quick enough to move towards success.


To work on your life priorities that set you on path towards contentment and peace.

Ofcourse, not at the cost of leaving the pile of difficulties for others to deal with.


To face every little issue that comes your way.

Just as much as postponing it might multiply it your way.


To take care of your health with all due importance.

And not to procrastinate about it to yet another day, that we might sadly miss seeing.


To detox our body, mind and thoughts.

For they make us who we are. And how we could be.


To start our path of living.

And not the usual new year resolving for a pointless giving-up in few weeks.


To be truthful to ourselves first.

Before we promise to change the world for our near & dear.


To be far-grounded with other living beings.

For this year has proven that your social standing, wealth or anything else does not matter.


Far beyond what we ever thought.

There are some things unexplained and controlling things around.


To fewer stranger and struggling times.

And to grow stronger with the knowledge and wisdom gained.


To have your amusement at Nature’s way.

And yet realise that you are the Nature’s muse.


For a strange year that we barely survived & lived through.

If we don’t learn from this, it’s our loss indeed.


And yet it is not over.

For which we need to continue with our safety protocols.


Let’s social-distance for physical safety.

And yet come closer as society, for future’s sake.


For we shall heal, well and clean.

Once we seal the bonds for dignified humanity.


Wish you & your loved ones a wonderful year ahead.

Stay blessed !

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