Weight loss challenge opens up in Malaysia

According to Nicole Seah, co-founder of Rewardz, "We wanted to take the Flabuless App to another level because we saw so much more potential in it.


Organizations in Kuala Lumpur and surrounding areas will soon be able to participate in the NewMe challenge, a one-of-a-kind corporate weight loss challenge provided by Rewardz, Malaysia.

Interested companies need to sign up with Rewardz, and they will be provided with digital weighing scales, which automatically updates weight tracking data into the Flabuless App provided by Rewardz. The app provides a weight tracking dashboard, performance tracking, and a leaderboard to encourage competition among individuals and across teams.

Adding an element of competition to the mix encourages participants to push harder towards their health and wellness goals. By turning weight management into a positive, fun and game-like experience, Rewardz hopes to help companies build a healthier and happier employee base.

According to Nicole Seah, co-founder of Rewardz, "We wanted to take the Flabuless App to another level because we saw so much more potential in it. During my corporate days, I had personally organized weight loss challenges and the enthusiasm and buzz around the challenge were simply amazing. We have tried to apply the same idea to latest technology and innovation in the NewMe challenge."

The app allows for an unlimited number of user profiles or synchronizations for large-scale participation in the challenge. This sets it apart from other global wellness solutions such as Fitbit and Withings, which are limited to a small number of synchronizations per digital weighing machine and cannot be used for corporate challenges involving hundreds or even thousands of participants.

Starting in late 2017, the company did a pilot launch for Carrier UTC, in Malaysia which has been very successful. The overall results showed high employee participation rates of more than 90 percent and a reported loss of over 70 kilograms among participants within the first 6 weeks of the challenge. Rewardz also organized and conducted various fitness workshops such as HIIT, Dance Workouts, and Aerobics throughout the challenge period to keep participants motivated.

Feedback from the company has been very positive, with reports of increased fitness levels and better vibes among the workforce. According to Ravinder Kaur, Head of HR for carrier Malaysia, "My staff is very excited since the launch of the weight loss challenge. They check the app and leaderboard regularly. Participation in workout sessions by Rewardz is high. We are confident this will lead to an improvement in fitness levels and health awareness in the company."

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