Walmart To Hire 40,000 Workers For Holidays

Due to heavy work during the holiday season from October to January, America’s Retail corporation planning to hire a huge number of workers


Walmart Inc has announced that it will hire 40,000 workers for the holidays, most of which will be hired as seasonal workers. America’s multinational retail corporation heading into the holidays and emphasising to hire seasonal workers only instead of permanent workers. Just like in previous years, the company will first offer current workers the opportunity to pick up additional shifts if they want to earn extra money for the holidays. 

The holiday season starts from October to January and has a high volume of shopping. Among other companies that have set their holiday plans, UPS plans to hire more than 100,000 workers to help handle the holiday rush this season, in line with the previous two years.

Walmart says that they are hiring for numerous positions, like customer service associates, store associates, and full-time truck drivers. The company has been building its private trucking fleet this year, increasing potential first-year pay up to $110,000 in April. Apart from seasonal workers, it also said that it was planning to hire 2,000 permanent workers for its distribution and fulfillment centres, due to the pandemic there was huge description occurred in the retailers’ supply chain network 

The President of public relations at UPS, Danelle McCusker Rees told Associate Press that this year's job market remains just as competitive as last year.

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