Trivayu Media Works Aims At Empowering Over 1000+ gig Workers With income Source In 90 Days

Also announces to increase its permanent employee base by a 100%


 TriVayu Media Works, India’s largest hyperlocal content and resource distribution platform, has announced plans to empower over 1000 gig workers with income sources in the coming quarter. Trivayu, distinguishes itself as a solution that helps India’s leading companies target the hyperlocal market by developing super-niche content, marketing, and resource management services.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, approximately 500 people were associated with the TMW, and the number has now increased to 700 people who are empowered and earning a decent income source. In addition to this, the brand is also planning to increase its permanent workforce by 100 per cent.The hirings will be across positions including video editors, content developers, creative designers etc. Besides full-time employees Trivayu also works with over 200 resources on a contractual basis. As TMW plans to empower over 1000 gig workers in the next 3-4 months, it will boost its current strength from 700 to around 1700 employees.

“We are pleased to provide growth opportunities to over 1000+ gig workers and at TMW we simply want the skillful youth in India’s rising Tier3 and Tier 4 cities to earn money without even leaving home. The penetration of internet and e-commerce businesses is opening opportunities even for the most marginalized sections of the society and we are honored to contribute our part amidst concerns about start-ups layoffs. Also effectively onboarding gig workers has the potential to build business traction and simultaneously bridge India’s income and employment gaps,” said Mr. Ratnendra K Pandey Co-founder of the startup- Trivayu Media Works.

TMW’s content partners are connected from more than 200 cities, and most of its workforce is drawn from Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities, as effectively targeting these cities has resulted in quick TAT, cost efficiency, and multi-lingual operations alongside generating employment for the bottom of the pyramid.

 “We also plan to strengthen our creative design team in order to better align with our business growth and opportunities,” he added.

TMW provides content in over 21+ languages to assist brands in reaching a larger audience and has successfully met the needs in over 110 clients.


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