Things Digital Marketers’ CVs must have to make them every recruiter's dream

Are you a digital marketer? Make sure these things are on your CV


Our Facebook feed being flooded with ‘Earthquake!!!’ posts barely a few seconds after the event epitomizes our relationship with digital media these days. As a follow up, another set of people are seen scraping wide-ranging platforms – media houses, how-to guides, and even informative videos on earthquake-proof beds. Digital technology is going big, and this change is happening faster than we can anticipate. It is becoming an inseparable part of our lifestyles, inching us closer to a seamless digital world.

Marketing, undoubtedly, has new-fangled dimensions to explore, and these dimensions are increasing with every passing day. But in this fast-changing landscape, how can digital marketers make themselves present their best selves to recruiters? Let us find out:

Strong copy and visual storytelling:

Today’s click-&-swipe generation cannot be targeted with a barrage of information. It can only be engaged through effective marketing communications. But making your customers understand your proposition can be quite difficult… especially in 140 characters. This is precisely why recruiters look for professionals who can effectively communicate messages with a very strong copy. A document which is succinct yet compelling can make your application stand out of the crowd. Your CV must, moreover, reflect good visual editing skills, and if possible, expertise in Photoshop, HTML, as well as CSS.

In sync with trends:

In the fast-moving digital domain, trends are what truly captivate your audience. Any developing situation can be leveraged by a marketer and the brand can be aligned accordingly. A marketer must be able to recognise what’s abuzz with its target audience and how it can be tapped to increase traction. He or she must then position the brand as per the trend to generate the most favourable outcome. In the aforementioned scenario, if an earthquake affects a brand’s target geography, it can launch a charitable campaign or can help the affected people in a completely unique way based on its business model. Any distinctly oriented marketing campaigns will certainly leave a strong impression on the recruiter.

Result-driven approach:

Positioning of a marketing campaign is left ineffective if it fails to generate quantifiable results. A marketer must be well-versed with how to use the digital channel to drive the audience towards sales. This gives a recruiter the assurance that the marketer is capable of engaging with audience such that it meets the short-term and long-term objectives of the brand. As a digital marketer, try to extend generated traction, qualified leads, and all the relevant data to the recruiter through your CV.

An ardent learner:

Digital marketing is a rapidly changing landscape which demands an equally agile approach to tap its true potential. Learning, in this context, has become inevitable. For instance, Search Engine Optimisation – which once required marketers to learn technical know-hows – today, necessitates them to have content as their strongpoint and be aware of how it affects the overall scenario. An unquenchable thirst to learn can become a strong differentiator for you as a marketer. It can reflect on your CV through personal and professional skills acquired over a period of time and how you’ve adapted yourself according to the changing market paradigm.

Social media marketing tools:

Every digital marketer must know how to utilise various social media marketing tools to give the desired fillip to a new or an ongoing campaign. This becomes a basic necessity for popular social media platforms. Develop a strong understanding about Facebook analytics and how to leverage the given data according to various marketing campaigns. Also, know how to reach out to a new set of customers by creating a Lookalike Audience. A digital marketer should also be familiar with platform-specific third-party tools that can be helpful for marketing initiatives. 

The perfect attitude:

Marketers need to work in collaboration with their co-workers laterally as well as horizontally. They need to devise strategies, brainstorm on ideas, take command, forward them to subordinates, disseminate domain expertise, and share a good rapport with others to take their help and support for a marketing campaign. You need to have an amicable personality to assure the recruiter that your skills will be leveraged fully at the organisation. It will also greatly turn the odds in your favour if you are able to communicate specific instances where you have extraordinarily supported a colleague during a campaign. Further, marketers also have to interact with an array of professionals including, publishers, bloggers, and journalists. Recruiters will also be keeping this fact in mind when hiring. 

Personal social media account:

Not a single word of your CV is going to make any sense to the recruiter if your social media profile does not echo the same. Make sure that you are active on the relevant social media platform(s) and your profile exemplifies your CV. Your social media profile will have a considerable weight on the end-result. While it’s alright to have a few fun posts and let your true personality emerge through your social media feed, when you’re looking for a job ensure that your profile largely reflects professionalism and maturity.  

Your CV is the first communication between you and your next workplace. You must realise its importance and the fact that your marketing skills are going to be judged right from this juncture. Make sure that it breaks through the clutter, so that you effortlessly cement an outstanding impression through your personal interview. Remember, all you have to do is aptly market yourself.

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