There’s a long way to go before AI can actually replace human recruiter

In an exclusive interview with BW People,Sanjay Gupta MD South Asia & Middle East NICE, talks about the revolution of technology in the HR world.


Q- How technology is the revolution to employee experience at the work station?

A- If we look at what’s happening in the world organizations from an employee’s perspective we would notice that it mainly focuses on the well-being of employees, that there working conditions are good, they’re doing the work effectively and in turn making their customers happy by achieving goals. Technology helps in identifying the interests of the customers. Employees in an organization care about their performance, development their pay, etc. Half of the workforce today consists of millennial. Millennial thus want flexibility in their operations, they like to be treated in a much more mature and different way. They demand flexibility in their working hours, their targets and thus if they’re treated the way they like, it will turn out to be successful for both employee development and the organization. Technological or technical devices like these should indeed be used for satisfying these needs ad thus, the outcome of this will turn out to be good. The result of using these tools is high employee satisfaction and even higher productivity.

Q- Do you think AI technology can swap HR recruited leaders?

A- If we look today where we are with respect to AI, I would say that we are at the beginning stage and there’s still a long way to go. But if we right now look at a HR person’s perspective, there’s a lot of human element that comes into the play. Let’s take the example of the recruitment process. It first involves shortlisting candidates, finding job as per resume, taking interviews, considering all aspects of culture, work etc. While technology today can possibly ace many of these tasks but then I still think that there’s a long way to go before AI can actually replace anyone because what we don’t have today is that human element which is required and thus I feel that a combination is always better. So, I would rather not say that HR recruits or professionals can be surpassed by but rather assisted by the AI technology and do the work more efficiently. It can strengthen their information and strengthen their productivity by aiding them.

Q- Does AI make talent management more objective and bring higher objectivity and transparency country’s culture?

A- I think today there are several solutions available to this which can do the same work as AI. One of the aspect of talent management is performance management. Today you can have performance management form performance driven activities.


 Q-What’s the impact of talent managements in long term business?

A- If we look at it overall then there’s a positive impact. Again I would say that talent management is all about performance management and making an employee happy in satisfied. And also, seeing whether he’s growing in terms of work and as an individual. It helps in identifying the right people who’ll be the leaders for tomorrow. So, if all this is happening then it will have a positive impact on business any day. Through talent management we find out the people who are best suited for a certain job for a long term. It’s a huge impact according me because it not only takes care of the today’s requirements but also future’s requirement. It also tells us if a person is not able to complete a job and if not then why? And if the same person is not able to complete a job then replace them. Thus it helps in all types of aspects whether long term, short term, refreshing and thus in total has a great impact.

Q- How do you think AI technology helps in visually despaired people’s life and work and if NICE is working on any technology like that?

A- So, there are tons of things that one can though with the combination of AI and speech recognition, and other technologies. So the advice for it is, NICE has created a platform which integrates every AI provider in the world today. We’ve an open platform, because according to an AI world, it is all about integrating and intra-probability with theirs, everyone can’t be creating their own AI and expected to be successful, so you are going to operate because people may use different solutions. So, we created a platform which integrates it, every leading AI solution in the world. Many of the things I can talk about currently today, one of the pieces, Authentication, so when you call the bank, you have to punch in some details and then, you will get your bank balance and if you are lucky, you will get to talk to an agent, so imagine a visually impaired people do it, it is so much of trouble. Hey d have friendly keyboards, but, you know, they are long and of the aspects are, what we call as, real life authentication. It takes you the free speech and recognizes your voice and match my voice sample though the voice and authenticate it. Voice recognition is only one example of voice authentication. There are many other solutions that are being worked upon, in the future. I can’t reveal right now.

Q- What are NICE upcoming initiatives in 2018?

A- Firstly, We are continuously working on creating consumer friendly solutions and creating a platform called CX1. And putting all our solutions on that and made available worldwide and expand our solutions to these consumers all around the world to provide all the solutions on the consumption basis.

Secondly, NICE is also expanding its reach and the market place, like for example in India, we are extensively spreading our wings along with a very strong partner network and recruiting more and more partners for better reach. We are, penetrating now and catering to reach small and medium customers. We also have segmentation now to SMG customers as well. We want to make sure that every customer is benefiting with the analysis of all the data which comes to them so that can be used for superior customer service and more personalized services. So that is what we are working heavily on, we have a large workforce already in India.

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