The Workplace Revolution – A Picture Of Flexible Working

The reduced cost of commuting, the time saved from flexible working which cuts off the commute hours, increases productivity and efficiency


Technology has played a key role in the emergence of remote working. One cannot delink the benefits of technology – access to Wi-Fi 24*7, handy devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc which enables business people to work even when not physically present in their main office location. Imagine living without all this. One would have to rush to the office even to send an email or check any document or file.

Technology on the ‘Go’

Technology is ever evolving. It is benefitting business people by helping them ‘take-away’ their work sessions between meetings, at home or while traveling. It enables them to remain connected to their co-workers very efficiently as well as cost-effective. The credit goes to numerous solutions it offers and makes other forms of communication such as telephoning cumbersome and outdated. Using Wi-Fi has enabled many things that make working easier and proactive such as instant messaging that has replaced situations where an employee had to lean across the desk of a colleague for a work-related conversation, email reminders for meetings and appointments, video conferencing and online training sessions and workshops via a live demonstration.

The Millennial Effect

The work style is changing and so is the workforce. The new generation wants to work remotely and are one of the major key drivers of the idea of remote working or flexible working is the millennial generation. They want to communicate faster and cheaper from and to anywhere into the world and have the same prospects towards their professional workstyle. 

The generation knows that it is difficult and impossible to be specific to cut off from the actual world for a few hours by switching off the button of ‘technology’. Hence, they are demanding to benefit from its reverse phenomenon and to be able to enjoy by carrying out their work tasks freely from any location they choose.

The changing face of the workforce

It is not only the younger buds in work life who are asking for a remote or flexible environment to work but the older generation as well. We might as well offer them a choice of late retirement or no retirement for time being at all by allowing them to have a work-life remotely where they can cut off the wearying commute to work daily.

The generation today is becoming the kind of workforce that would group up to be freelancers or part-time workers and even consultants who would be able to create a work-life balance if presented with the opportunity to work remotely.

Flexible working and its benefits

The reduced cost of commuting, the time saved from flexible working which cuts off the commute hours, increased productivity and efficiency, etc are some of the benefits that have made office goers to seekers who wish for an opportunity that allows flexible working. People prefer jobs which offer this benefit over the ones which do not. Hence it has become a key differentiator in the selection of the job.

As a business seeker, no company would want to miss out on acquiring top talent just because of strict working hours and location as these days it’s not just the pay scale which makes a difference. Flexibility in working plays a major role and has been linked to increased productivity and improved level of concentration which is the perfect recipe to obtain better results from the workforce.

It is not surprising to find that the business sector is accepting the dynamic workspace revolution in response to the increase in demand for flexible working. The main reason behind it is that there are no losses to businesses if they agree to this work style. The evolution of technology will definitely make it a hinderance less task and bring out more efficiency and productivity from the workforce. This will directly enable the workers to achieve work: life balance helping them achieve greater personal happiness.

IWG and workplace revolution

Businesses increasingly know exactly what they want from their workspaces. The commercial property market has changed, and the fixed-lease contract is becoming less appealing to businesses. Instead, today’s cloud-based companies and business people are demanding unprecedented choice in where and how they work. Quite simply, companies don’t need their people to be in one place anymore and, as generations emerge that have only ever known the liberating effects of technology, the wide availability of flexible workspaces is enabling a way of working that is continuing to grow rapidly. The world of work is dynamic and ever-evolving and IWG assures to be a first in the front line and help businesses grow and prosper.

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