The Pandemic Effect: Journey From Employed To Unemployed

COVID-19 or crying humanity! Who is winning the race? What is more evident these days?


It’s all started with just a virus like any other prevailing in the environment, but now it has engulfed humanity like a snake. With every passing day, it is becoming so difficult to get our self out. It feels like a person who doesn’t know to swim; has been put into the water. He is beating his hands in water to survive. But now, somehow down the line with time he has learnt to swim.  

The new normal is the term being used these days to reflect the pandemic's impact on our lives, which will stay for long. And when we talk about effects, we include physical, phycological, emotional, behavioural, economic, biological, and all sort of it that can have its intake in our life. And It'll not be wrong to say every aspect of this impact is interrelated. 

The foremost impact of this pandemic was majorly observed in the economy; of course, the health sector is on the top. Lockdown that led to the economy shut down for months in a country like India caused many consequences; according to the world bank, the current pandemic has magnified the pre-existing risk to India's economic outlook—leading to an increase in unemployment and job insecurity. In the two weeks following the lockdown, unemployment was at its peak and 24% on May 17. Job losses, pay cuts, and freeze on hiring over the next few quarters are some of its results that baffled the average individual; physically, economically, emotionally, and psychologically. 

We can't stress enough on the impact of job loss on a person and his living, and of course, the change in a behaviour pattern that can be observed due to the very reason. Job security and financial security are the primary motivations in everyday individual life; the decrease in these very motivations leads to many emotional and behavioural changes. Anxiety and fear are the emotions observed widely due to this decrease in motivation. It's not only the person who experienced the job loss or pay cut is going through these emotions; it has been observed that people felt more stressed by someone else in the household losing job or pay cut. At the society level, the prevalence of these emotions can lead to significant consequences in the future. 

Having talked about the people who were working already, let's stress on those students who just got their job or were going to get placed and haven't even joined their organization physically.    

This pandemic established its reign in late January, particularly in India, coinciding with the ongoing session of student's final exams, admissions, competitive exams, and Placements in colleges. 

The revoking or delay of placements in colleges, even in India's premium institutes due to this pandemic, has impacted the students badly. From childhood, a child has been highly motivated to join these premium institutes of India, for that he works day and night. Once he makes it there, he feels like he has achieved something and has got something to look forward to in his future. The motivation they derive from getting themselves admitted and completing the 3-4 years of their courses; is mainly to get financially secure. 

Some students who got their dream first job were at their maximum joy and zeal. Some who didn't were in their process and were quite anxious but hopeful that they'll soon get a job. But as the situation proceeded with lockdowns, there came a hurricane of economic uncertainty. Companies that have flocked to top institutes to hire the country's best brains just a few months ago started withdrawing their offers. These students experience a whole lot of emotional turmoil. 

This is the challenge before the organizations and the college keeps their employees and students motivated. Some organizations are trying to keep up with that in different ways. Our government is also trying to cope with the situation. Our Honourable Education Minister has asked the directors of these esteemed institutes to hold a special placement drive. These brilliant minds can help bring back the economy on track. And also requested the recruiters to not to revoke any job offers. These steps may lead to a change in motivations. Still, we have to wait until we give the virus farewell to restore positivity and healthy emotions. 

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