The Employee Of The Month Concept

Recognition and acknowledgement help you to go about your task with a confident attitude. It pushes you to put in more and give out stellar performances in your workplace. Here comes in the Employee of the Month concept which is the recognition tag and the applause that you can garner for your excellent work at your workplace.


The Employee of the Month concept is a morale booster for the people working in your organisation because somewhere down the line we all want praises for the work that we do. It all boils down to how we keep our bosses happy and how we can get pat on our back for the work that we do. Inarguably in every organisation, everyone is a “praise junky”. We ought to be appreciated to be able to perform better. 

This isn't bad either and the Employee of the Month concept does the same, but it is often ridiculed as being biased and won by someone who is a favourite of the superiors at your workplace. Recognition awards always don't sound good as it may make someone happier and demotivate the other. Biased recognition is way more harmful than no recognition. The Employee of the Month is a good concept, but it shouldn't be based on voting of your colleagues but on your true potential which is to be measured by your ability in doing things.

The Employee of the Month is just like a giveaway between an employer and an employee and when it doesn’t happen, the employee starts to question their efficiency level because they are not being thanked for their efforts. Who would like to slog in an environment where no one is thankful?

No one. It produces the eagerness to do even better and helps the employee to work to full productivity. An organisation should develop an unbiased program for Employee of the Month concept and get efficient employees recognised through it so that it motivates the others too.

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