The 21st Century Professionals Handbook: Gen X to Millennials By Suvendu Ghoshal

The book triggers a thought that for anyone to change, one has to take risks and step out of the comfort zone, says author Suvendu Ghoshal.


Suvendu Ghoshal (Author)

The book ‘The 21st Century Professionals Handbook’ launched at a virtual meeting joined by the author’s colleagues, family, friends, and other guests on a Saturday evening. The most heartwarming moment of the session was when the book was unveiled by Suvendu Ghoshal’s elder sister. The Launch meeting was joined by Ashish Vidyarthi, a well-known-actor and he congratulated the author and appreciated the amazingly relevant book.

Businesses emerge or vanish overnight, the world comes to a grinding halt because of a pandemic. The book gives you a road map to navigate successfully in 21 st century. The book talks about the emerging new careers, gig economy, the behaviors for flourishing in this century, and how Gen X can reinvent themselves in their second innings. The Handbook also makes a strong case for the difficulty in implementing personal change management programs and where Coaches and Mentors falter and how it can be dealt with. Sharp, crisply-written with live cases and penned down by an expert in his field, this book is a must for all professionals trying to make to their mark now.

The Author- Suvendu Ghoshal is an Executive Coach, Career Mentor, and Business Consultant and is Managing Partner with White Windows Consulting. He has been associated with the corporate world for more than two and a half decades now. An HR leader, he has worked with Hewitt, Airtel, Xansa, and Samtel in the past.

Here are the excerpts from the interaction with the Author Suvendu Ghoshal, The 21st Century Professionals Handbook.

What change do you see in the people (your target audience) just because of your book?

Through this book, I wrote about 21st-century professionals from the lens of generations instead of a leader, manager, or executive. While largely these two different generations stand with each other in the corporate world, they may randomly deal with each other through the assumptions that they have about the other generation. This book influences these assumptions and creates better knowledge and understanding of each other. The conflict resolution at the workplace can better be managed if one internalizes the key messages in the book. The book triggers a thought that for anyone to change, one has to take risks and step out of the comfort zone.

As an author how did you feel writing this book? What were your thoughts, imagination while writing this book?

For me, it was an exciting journey each time I was writing a few paras or a chapter. I was continuously being reminded at a subconscious/conscious level that this is to be completed and the knowledge needs to be created for me as well as my readers when I was not writing. There was a different level of exuberance while I was trying to capture work-related trends and patterns from different generations' points of view than typical hierarchy which we see in organizations.
       - The paramount thought while writing this book was to capture the ground-level experiences that I had while interacting with leaders, managers, and executives as honestly as possible. The cases at the start of the chapter or inside the chapter are all real-life experiences that I have come across or influenced in my role as a consultant.

According to you what is the definition for New Normal for Corporate life?

Its been more than four months since the pandemic hit the world and the new normal to me is still evolving. But what has emerged because of this situation are the following:
•       More flexibility in working from home/remote locations
•       looking at alternate ways of doing business or work
•       active need for socialization starts finding meaning through the digital world
•     increased level of empathy and emotional engagement approach by the corporates to ensure the mental and emotional well being

What is the crux of the book? What drove you to write this?

The crux of the book is in the panorama of the 21st century where overnight businesses appear or disappear, markets shift and change happens at a supersonic speed. This not only establishes great opportunities for the professionals but also threatens those who cannot ride the change. With the shift in the work preferences how gen X and millennials can flourish in the gig economy and the 21st century and what are the new trends emerging in Careers for professionals like a Happiness Manager or podcaster than a broadcaster Lastly what we need to do for changing self.


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