Sun Life ASC Commenced Parenting Workshop For Employee Engagement

Approximately 140 employees have already attended and benefited from these workshops which cover issues like helping adolescent children cope with their emotions to getting young children to cooperate willingly and more.


Sun Life Asia Service Centre (ASC), in collaboration with Parwarish Institute of Parenting has introduced quarterly parenting workshops for its staff as part of its development program-Utopia. These workshops aim at helping parent employees managing their responsibilities better at both workplace and home.

Approximately 140 employees have already attended from these workshops which cover diverse issues ranging from helping adolescent children cope with their emotions to getting young children to cooperate willingly. The workshops have received an overwhelming response from the employees.

Shantanu Kodesia, Head-Operations & Enablement, Sun Life ASC said, “The children of our employees at Sun Life are like an extended family for us. Keeping the same in mind, we organized ”Parenting Workshops” for our employees wherein examples of imparting good parenting were shared. It was a very interactive session with a lot of great ideas for the attendees. The success of this workshop can be gauged by the fact that our employees have reached out to us and have requested for more such sessions to be organized.”

“It was a wonderful and insightful session. As parents we go though many emotions ourselves and tend to forget about the kid’s emotion. I hope we have more such sessions for better and deeper understanding of the subject”, Anjuman Chawla, Senior Development Specialist, Sun Life ASC.

“Employee wellness is to have employees who are happy at both workplace and home. Through these parenting workshops, we received training for our role as parents to groom happy, healthy, successful and secured children, which we as working parents really strive for. Am thankful to my organisation to have launched these workshops for us”, Jatin Pal, Engagement Manager, HR-Sun Life ASC.

Rajeev Bhardwaj, ES Asia HR Business Partner, Enterprise Services Asia, Sun Life Financial Asia Services Centre (ASC) said, “Being a parent is both a joy and a great responsibility, especially in today’s environment where social media and different external factors influence our children. By conducting these Parenting workshops, our intent is to bring in facilitation support to guide our employees through their individual parenting journey. More importantly, we recognize the dual role individuals play in modern society working as professionals and managing their personal lives. This is one critical step in the direction of Sun life ASC being an ‘empathetic and thoughtful’ workplace where we look at individual’s life holistically."


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