Sterlite Technologies Make Great Strides In Becoming An Inclusive, LGBTQ+ Friendly Workplace

On the policy side, the organisation has included some robust initiatives for an inclusive workplace.


Talent has no gender and to make workplaces more inclusive, paving room for innovation and growth, an industry-leading integrator of digital networks, STL has always been LGBTQ+ friendly.

Besides being an equal employer and breaking gender barriers, STL has been taking inclusion at the workplace very seriously by sensitizing their employees, organising virtual awareness activities and workshops to encourage open conversations and make the workplace a safe, equal, and vibrant environment for talent to thrive.

“Pride Month is a very important month where we celebrate and honour this inclusivity. The LBGTQ+ community is a large demographic which is talent-rich. Building diverse teams results in a true representation of the society we operate in,” said Anjali Byce, CHRO, STL.

This month, among the number of virtual activities across the global offices, STL hosted a fireside talk to sensitize employees, create awareness of the unconscious and implicit bias and build a psychologically safe work environment. Dr Kanan Khatau, Psychologist and Emotional Safety Evangelist (TEDx Speaker) conducted an interactive and participative interview with Abhina Aher, Transgender Activist, India (TEDx Speaker).

“We strongly believe that true support for the community is more than just a rainbow-hued post on social media. As a part of our people-focused initiatives and culture of CARE, we have built a strong ‘listening’ organization,” added Byce.

On the policy side, the organisation has included some robust initiatives for an inclusive workplace. STL’s leave policies support surrogacy, IVF, and adoption; it empowers employees globally through DEI initiatives and provides avenues for better understanding, accepting, and co-existing with the vibrant LGBT community and creating a psychologically safe workspace.

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