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The key to success in medical device industry continues to be our ability to unlock the barriers around 3A’s of healthcare - Access, Awareness and Affordability


Medical Device sector is undergoing a major transformation, both in terms of changing customer profile and evolving new business models. The key to success in medical device industry continues to be our ability to unlock the barriers around 3A’s of healthcare - Access, Awareness and Affordability. For a complex and under-resourced market like India, it’s important to build capabilities that drives Innovation and Value Creation in all the aspects of a company’s operations for a successful resolution of the the barriers around the 3A’s of healthcare.

Need for Diverse Capabilities 

With the changing landscape in Medtech, companies need to hiretalent that bringsin diverse experiences. It is prophetical when we say “if you do the things that were always done, the results are not going to be that spectacular”.Our experience of taking a sector agnostic approach has helped.Our expertise lies in identifying people who can apply learnings through experiences &skill-sets to our new situations successfully. In this growing industry, we need individuals who can apply knowledge to ambiguous situations, demonstrate clear thinking and strong result orientation. Essentially, the ability to apply past experiences in changing conditions or first-time situations successfully holds a key for growth in the sector.

For example, we hired a few Middle Management talent from Industrial and FMCG sectors for our Distributor Management and Sales Operations roles.  They brought in unique capabilities in this area by driving stronger systems and processes.  Sales personnel from FMCG took the sales processes to a next level in the market where product differentiation is getting blurred with the changing Government regulations. Our new initiatives will stress for diverse skill-sets which would come from sectors other than Medtech.

Emerging skill-sets in Medtech areprogram management, strategic planning, business modelling, bespoke solutions and marketing.

Innovation-led Mindset

Medical devices industry focuses heavily on innovation which could be at the product, surgical procedure or health systems level along the continuum of care of patients. It is paramount to understand, that a new technology adoption in under-resourced markets like India does not happen by itself. One needs to find localized and innovative services and solutions to get the technologies to masses. The quest for skilled, capable and adaptable talent has persuaded talent spotters to look for ‘innovators’ in hiring for the industry.

Candidates from FMCG, telecom and other industries are being absorbed to fit into different roles. Companies today realize the need to hire from non-traditional backgrounds that will give them the first-mover advantage and the right way to stimulate the team to think out-of-the-box for addressing the same challenges with a different view. Hence, while hiring candidates from different industries it is important to look for people who are creative,people who are able to diagnose the barriers, create pioneering solutions, able to work in a matrixed eco system, open-minded, and adaptable, with the right capabilities and attitude.In fact, aspirants who have a propensity towards startups are high on the wish list of all Medtech companies.

Leveraging India’s Engineering Talent 

The vitality of medical device industry is reflected in its focus on R&D and IT capabilities, both in which Medtronic has invested in India with global capability centers. Innovation in Medtech needs strong clinician-engineering partnerships, alongwith robust clinical, regulatory and quality validations supported by a constant loop of refinement in theprocesses and technology. India offers a major advantage with availability of a large pool of engineering talent to drive product design and development for global as well as Indian markets.  Our R&D and IT efforts in India require us to have talent across different engineering streams and individuals who are willing to create break-through innovations helping patients around the world.

At Medtronic, we work hard to cultivate a workforce that reflects our patients and partners. Our leadership expectations sum up what we look for in candidates – the ability to shape, engage, innovate and achieve with unrelenting ethical actions.

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