Role of Technology in assessing and enhancing Employee Productivity

Today, amidst growing competition, companies independent of size and scale are trying to get leaner and more efficient. Maximum efficiency with optimal resources is the mantra leaders are chanting. The need for organizations to identify inefficiencies and drive performance improvements has never been greater given the pressure to stay relevant to their customers with changing times. Everyone is demanding More for Less.


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It’s in this context that the People Dimension is gaining heightened attention in board rooms as the single biggest lever to Innovation, Profitability and Growth. Organizations which continuously raise the bar with their own employees are seen to be able to raise the bar with their customers too, and is today’s biggest competitive differentiator.  Highly engaged employees engage with customers positively and constructively leading to much better customer outcomes. To achieve these higher levels of engagement, organizations need to understand their employees more objectively on a more real time basis daily, weekly, monthly in terms of their activities, but by not standing in their way and micro managing. This requires HR Technology platforms move to a higher level of maturity while engaging employees and enabling them to plan, execute and track their job – tasks and activities in a data driven , intuitive guided and non obtrusive way. This is where Workforce Management and newer HR platforms are headed with Machine Learning & AI.

Then comes the employee costs and optimizing them to performance related outcomes for revenue growth and profitability. The opportunity to meaningfully optimise operating costs and increase productivity lies in focusing on the workforce— given that it’s your employees that represent one of the most significant operating costs to the business. Therefore, productivity at the workplace is critical to a company’s growth and profitability. In India, in particular, this seems to be the weakest link of the organizational value chain when it comes to operational visibility, fitment, and pro active insights for controlling leakages and exaggerated direct and indirect cost buffers and waste.

Legacy systems of maintaining manual HR records or semi automated WFM processes are ripe for policy misinterpretation, translational and reconciliation errors leading to inflated payroll and contractor bills. Even today, in most organizations, managers often spend a sizable amount of their time in dealing with issues related to pay, leaves, schedules and holiday & availability planning, when HR IT tools should be taking them over freeing manager’s time for more customer and employee facing tasks. It’s also important for HR automation to eliminate cognitive biases of any kind and limit the scope for human error, leading to a fair, equitable and consistent HR policy experience across the organization. With automated time and attendance features that provide detailed insight and data on employee productivity at desired intervals, leaders can manage their teams efficiently. This will also allow them enough time to course correct or discuss issues related to disengaged employees and potentially arresting attrition. 

At Kronos, we believe that great people power great businesses. So employees are at the heart of our business. However, with the changing industry trends and developments, workforce management needs are also evolving to a more intuitive guided decision making process, and a flexible “On the Go” managing of workforce. Backed by four decades of global thought leadership and innovation, Kronos solutions are purpose-built to best address the needs of employers and employees across various industries to optimally manage workforce enhancing productivity, visibility while optimizing employee costs and minimizing policy risks. From pre-hire to retire, Kronos offers the industry’s most powerful suite of tools and services to manage and engage the workforce efficiently.

Indian Industry is at the cusp of a workforce productivity revolution, with even greater needs for visibility, transparency and compliance and Kronos’ solutions are well positioned to cater to that urgent and important transformation of the Indian workplace.

Improving workforce productivity with Kronos

No matter what industry, measuring employee productivity is critical.  A key solution offered by Kronos is tracking workforce time. By assessing the time spent by an individual at work, Kronos analyses overall productivity beyond the daily punch-in and punch-out process. This feature allows deeper visibility into the utilization of labour and resources, helping employers better qualify performance indicators and also accurately calculate overtime. It also gives visibility to absenteeism and problematic attendance trends and costs, associated with extended employee absence. All these indicators help organizations better manage and control the costs of employee absence. 

Kronos helps control labor costs

Automated solutions by Kronos provide employers real-time visibility into labour activities generating actionable data. With this insightful, real-time data about the workforce an employer can gain the critical information he needs to staff smartly, optimize efficiencies, and increase employee productivity. Through end-to-end automation, Kronos helps in managing schedules, tracking time & attendance, administering absence & leave, and measuring overall productivity of the workforce to achieve better business results.

Kronos helps in minimizing compliance risk

In India, a growing number of businesses and organizations are ambitious about growth, both organic and inorganic, and also achieving scale. However, in the process of growth, it is pivotal to be compliant with the laws of the land. Kronos facilitates compliance with government regulations and labour laws by automating manual time and attendance, and scheduling processes. The end-to-end automation helps organizations comply with union settlements, the India Factories Act, and other local country laws. Kronos solutions even reduce regulatory risk by centralizing employee attendance and leave information, thus minimizing the scope for human error. 

With the growing demand and changes in the workforce, it has become imperative to solve critical workforce management issues by providing proactive insights and recommendations before potential issues have a negative impact on employee engagement and business outcomes. With the right mix of assistance from Kronos solutions and its predictive capabilities, businesses will be better equipped to make informed, smarter and faster business decisions.

By: Mr. James Thomas, Country Manager, Kronos Incorporated 


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