Rethinking Employee Evaluation; Aligning Appraisals With Performance

Every organization makes an effort to optimally utilize its employee strength to make a mark amidst cut throat competition in the respective industry


Every organization makes an effort to optimally utilize its employee strength to make a mark amidst cut throat competition in the respective industry. Having finished 5 years of its voyage in the nation this year, Gionee India has established itself as the chosen brand of 1.25 crore Indians. We owe this accomplishment to our employees, clients, accomplices and the group. This vision has been made conceived by each individual from the organization and we at Gionee India believe in growing together.

While we continue to enchant our customers with our cutting edge innovations, our organization works on the ardent belief that employees are our backbone and we encourage them to strive towards achieving goals in alignment with the organizational objectives that would drive everyone to actualize the success we deserve.

There are times that are more critical than others and hence it becomes all the more imperative to encourage, enthuse and recognize an organization’s employees. Performance evaluation time, particularly has been known to be demanding for both, the employees and the HR. It is integral for the HR to understand and acknowledge the efforts undertaken by employees on daily basis to better the organization. It is important for people sitting in the HR’s chair to hire suitable employees then retain those valuable employees and ensure a well-functioning organization. While creating an upwards transition in the organization, a primary objective should also be kept in mind which is employees growth, where healthy competition and constant motivation is noted for their constant elevation. Employees shouldn’t feel that the evaluation is not fair; as such instances can lead even the best performers to lose motivation and zeal for the job resulting in a sloppy and disinterested workforce. The system should be planted in such a manner that the employees are motivated to reach higher levels of brilliance and keep their efforts constant towards achieving planned targets for themselves and the organization.

It hence becomes necessary for the HR to understand problems faced by any individual, listen to the grievances and ensure every employee is appreciated and duly compensated for his efforts. Therefore, to develop a well-connected and functioning team, conducting performance evaluations which provide employers with an opportunity to assess their employees’ contributions to the organization, is essential. Though this crops up another debate on which evaluation system to be adopted by the organization. It’s suggested that brands must opt for a system most suitable to their environment and positive towards the growth of their employees.

Point based evaluation system is one such appraisal mechanism that has helped us at Gionee India in measuring and acknowledging our employees merit for appraisals. We at Gionee India, implemented point system last April with an objective to ensure that the organizational structure is not completely vertical in nature, hence helping in the retention of employees as well as avoiding stagnation of growth opportunities within the company.

Elaborating further, numerous attempts have been made to come up with appraisal system that readily understands and gives us constant feedback to improve and work on our setbacks. While the appraisals happen annually but several opportunities are provided to individuals with constructive feedback giving them a scope to improve. It has been noticed that through this continuous cycle of feedback enhances employee performance leading to a more driven task force.

Currently with an employee strength of 400, Gionee India is a people driven organization and understands concerns of its members to ensure growth and constant motivation throughout their tenure in the company. Point based evaluation system, puts employees in a band and the points accumulated through the scales of KPI (Key Performance Indicators) helps them get promoted to the next band. Through these initiatives the employees don’t have to wait for a long time to be promoted for the excellent showcase of work and fulfillment of responsibilities diverted towards them. When promoted to the next band, the points that the jobholder accumulated earlier would get nullified, the same process will start from scratch. When this HR policy was introduced it was witnessed that the employees were working towards a goal along with being an active and enthusiastic team player.

We have always encouraged growth in a positive environment with discipline guidelines in place. Employees found at fault for disciplinary issues or matters pertaining to non-performance will have their points deducted which could have a negative impact on their process of Another key aspect during an employee review includes the employee’s commitment towards their quality and quantity of work. The point based evaluation system enables to examine, analyze and award employee’s performance against their set goals and ensures compensation and appreciation are in tandem with the performance  It is a detailed quantitative and analytical approach to the measurement of job where points cater to different factors such as skill, effort, training, knowledge sharing, responsibilities  among others.

Furthermore, it ensures that there is clarity in the division of roles resulting in a happier and more content workforce. This also motivates the employees to perform better because they are aware that they are valued by the organization.

It has also helped us overcome the problem of prejudice and human judgment ensuring that the jobs are placed in distinct categories making this method a favorite amongst the employees. A more fair method of appraisal has helped us retain employees as a part of One Gionee Family for elongated longer duration period of time. The provision of appraisal has few basic criteria in line. The method has made sure that equality and justice is provided to our forerunners. We at Gionee India agree point based evaluation system is a reliable method due to its detailed analysis leaving almost no room for subjectivity. Motivated and engaged workforces for us mean satisfied and cheerful customers, eventually contributing to overall performance of the company. People’s expertise and worth to the organization are given significance, and a pipeline of talented employees stand ready to take up new challenges and raise the performance bar.

Hence, all managers should be encouraged to consider newer mechanisms of appraisal such as point based evaluation system, eventually fulfilling the objective of keeping employees inspired and energetic.

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