Reinventing Business to Beat Competition: Takeaways from France-Argentina Match

In this authored article by Mr.Virender Jeet, Sr. Vice President, Technology, Newgen Software Technologies compares the on-field competition with the digital revolution in the corporate industry.


Heading into the tournament, the majority of the spotlight was on Argentina. Fans and game predictors expected the team to dominate straightaway into the finals. France, on the other hand, was likely to show a good sportsmanship in what was expected to be their final match. But the tables turned with a few game-changing goals.

Surprisingly, Argentina despite of being one of the most favorite team, was not able to win its fans’ hearts, losing the game to France. Argentina played without any structure that helps their opponents shine against them. Let’s dig a little deep to understand France’s superiority in the match. Here’s what went in France’s favour and key learnings that enterprises can take from the game.

Faster than the fastest

The game is getting faster day by day. Different players are coming up with their unique styles and techniques. A combination of these techniques is what has led to France’s win. Their strongest and youngest contender, KylianMbappe, is one such talented teenager whose speed and fast defends made even the fastest players look slow. He was a soaring threat to the opposition with his nimble footedness. He displayed a breathtaking game, particularly in the middle of the second half. It was his agility, control over the ball, and right decisions which helped him to goal from a tight angle in the 64th minute. Four minutes later, he again proved his prowess by using his different technique and making a goal by a deft pass from Oliver Giroud.

Similarly, the digital world is moving fast these days. To truly innovate organizations need to move even faster than the fastest competitors.They need to adapt with changing customer dynamics with agility and respond to competitive forces in real-time. Quickness of an organization to cope with operational as well as strategic challenges defines its success. For this, one needs to keep reinventing by investing in robust and agile Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platforms.  A great business is, after all, a function of efficiency, customer centricity and speed. Remember, the customers, partners, and suppliers are on their toes and they expect businesses to be up and running too.

Traditional Formation Keeps Changing

Any team requires its young talent as much as it needs its experienced players to win a match. In this game, Pavard and Lemar, added to the squad depth along with the experienced AntinoeGriezmann. For instance, Benjamin Pavard, a young rising star, took only nine minutes to net a fine strike for France to level the score at 2-2. This happened exactly after Antoine Griezmann’s 13th minute penalty had opened the scoring and what a shot it was. Such neat turns, finishes, and a slick breakaway from these young boys show how efficient they are.

Just like the team formation keeps changing, a business’ workforce productivity keeps moving beyond traditional boundaries. Old order in enterprises is continually being challenged and taken over by new age technologieslike, Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Data Sensing and Mobility. These technologies help the workforceby adding more value to customer delight. New age customers want the best of the experiences.These customers demandthe right message to be delivered to them at the right time. Therefore, organizations must map every interaction and harness the power of right content in the right customer context.

New Turf, Infinite Players

With an increasing number of fandom, football has become bigger than ever, crossing physical and national boundaries. The demand for collaborating talent from different geographies and with different strategies has increased more than ever. French National Football team players like Pogba and Umtiti play for Manchester United and Barcelona Football Clubs, respectively. This rich and diverse experience of these players is what make their game stronger and better.

Similarly, customers, suppliers, partners, and employees should be able to operate, engage, and transact in an anytime-anywhere model in the age of digital. Hence, it becomes important to make a workplace infinite so that it can become more efficient and accessible. Especially, in an age when businesses are transcending the boundaries of physical organization. Such a workplace allows employees to add value to work anytime and from anywhere.

France Took Advantage of Argentina’s Disconnected Team

Both the teams were well matched in speed and skill? So, what led to ones lose and other’s victory? It was Frances planning and team connect which help them to win the match.Looking at the game, it was clear that Argentina lacked defensive discipline because the players couldn’t connect with each other’s techniques and game. Argentina teammates were time and again overrun and out-maneuvered by their opponents. France’s strategy of tying downMessi is a great example of the same which worked well and Argentina couldn’t do anything to stop them. This is exactly what let France score against them and become a winner.

This instance shows that only legacy may not come to your rescue in the age of digital. It’s useful only if enterprises are ready to upgrade themselves. Customers are demanding better experience these days and businesses need newer technologies to deliver the best. Here’s where platforms like BPM and ECM come in- for making customer experiences better and satisfactory every time.

Lastly, one needs to understand that digital transformation will not yield any results if organizations merely end up with technological implementation of the same rather than connecting all the dots in the process. Hence, it’s critical for them to “unify” processes and have a unified platform for process orchestration (with BPM) and engagement (CCM)in the right context (ECM) for continuously adding value to the customer.

This is exactly how your enterprise can also emerge a winner in the industry, just like France.

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