PwC Plans To Recruit 100,000 People Over Five Years

The firm plans to do a $12bn investment in recruitment, training, technology and deals design.


PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has announced to increase its global headcount by more than a third over the next five years. As per the reports, to capture a booming market for environmental, social and governance advice, the firm plans a $12bn investment in recruitment, training, technology and deals design.

Tim Ryan, U.S. chairman and senior partner at PwC said, the planned hires will boost the company’s global workforce of currently 284,000 employees by more than one-third. The professional services firm expects its headcount to exceed 384,000 five years from now, making up for any attrition with additional hiring.

The investments are aimed at better-advising companies that face increasing scrutiny from investors on issues such as data privacy, diversity and sustainability, Mr Ryan said. “It’s critical that our people have those skills,” he said.

“We want our people to be the most sought after in the market because they have the technical, digital, and human skills needed to build trust and deliver sustained outcomes,” says Robert E. Moritz, Global Chairman, PricewaterhouseCoopers International.

The firm also plans to accelerate PwC’s growth in the Asia Pacific, with US$3 billion of the investment planned for the region, aimed at doubling its business and significantly scaling up capabilities to serve clients. The plan includes a $3bn investment to double its Asia-Pacific business, which brought in $6.4bn in revenue in the year to June 2020 and the launch of “trust leadership institutes” in the US and Asia to train clients in business ethics and the rudiments of ESG.

Bob Moritz, global chair of PwC, said the firm was “going to massively invest to redefine itself and rebrand itself to make sure we’re valuable for what our clients need and what the world needs”.


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