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Developing your child’s Self Esteem-Can you help develop your child's self-esteem?


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In today’s times it’s really important for you to help your child know that he/she is unique. Your child must know that no matter what others say or do he/she is very special in his/her own way. Help him/her discover his/her talents, strengths and traits and to value his/her own strengths.

As an educated and conscious parent you must make sure to work continuously towards developing your child self-esteem. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

· Unconditional Support: Make sure that your child knows that you are always there for him/her. Help him/her understand that intentions matter the most. Success and failure is part of the game and do not impact your child worth for you in any manner.

· Achievable Goals: Help your child choose goals wisely. Too difficult or too easy goals can have ill effects on your child’s self-image.

· Discuss peer pressure: Talking to them about peer pressure is crucial at this age to help them understand when to follow and when to lead in a situation. Use examples of situations that might occur when you may not be around.

· Develop camaraderie:  Share your own success and failure stories with your child. Help him/her understand that it’s the entire journey that counts. Every step matters but no single step is ‘the’ decisive step.

· Coping Mechanism: No matter how much you support and encourage, your child is bound to meet failure and it is desirable that you share different coping mechanisms with them. Be there with him/her, hold his/her hand and support in sailing through the low phase. Travel the path with them and show how it is done. Soon enough your little one will learn to sail independently with his/her head help high, always.

Once your child develops a strong emotional connection with you and has basic understanding of intentions/success/failure, he/she will find it easier to deal with low phases and the tough times will not dent your child’s esteem in any manner.

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