Nasper Backed AasaanJobs Undergoes Complete Rebranding for Its Users

'Waah Jobs' aimes at bringing an enhanced and simplified user experience, by leveraging it with artificial intelligence and machine learning to scan millions of databases for easier access by employers, matching relevant skill sets to employer needs.


Well, isn't it interesting to see as to companies opting for rebranding strtaegies to simplify the user experince for their customers. Tarun Sinha, CEO, Waah Jobs & OLX People connected with BW Busienssworl'd journalists to give a deepr insight into how the formulation happened and what all went through in making it cusutomer friendly.

1. What was the reason and purpose behind rebranding your brand so soon?

The decision to rebrand OLX Group acquired AasaanJobs job board to Waah Jobs is a carefully considered one to better align with the company’s value proposition of providing trusted jobs from verified employers. The new brand name reflects the ‘wow’ experience it wants to create for the job seekers and recruiters on the platform and Waah is a well understood term universally.

2. What were the ideas, ethos and research that had gone behind the new brand name?

OLX group wanted to disrupt the way the blue/grey collar job category currently operates. The idea of the brand was to enhance the job seeker and the employers experience for  all it’s endeavours, be it UI experience, types of jobs, ease of applying and ease of recruiting. Riding on the digital wave the country is currently experiencing and using technology to eliminate barriers for the blue/grey collar job seeker/recruiter the platform plans to make this journey more productive, efficient and seamless thus bringing in a “Wow” experience for its users.

There has been a whole gamut of suggestive names when we started with the research of the new name for the brand. We finally fixed our radar on the term “Waah”. In the literary sense, it's Hindi for the English word “wow”. Waah is not just a word but an expression , a popular informal and colloquial urdu-hindi word. It's reactionary and exclamatory in tone and is used for expressing the emotion of happiness and appreciation. Meanwhile, ‘Waah’ is well recognized and spoken all across the country. 

The brand colors and font were also selected keeping the emotion of energy and happiness intact. The vibrant colors - orange and purple reflect the company’s approach to its work: energetic, passionate, and innovative and also reflects the buoyant sector it operates in. The differentiated sharp colours help the logo to stand out in the category and its impactful design can be adapted across platforms and mediums.

3. How the rebranding is going to affect candidates, employers as well as recruitment consultants?

Through Waah Jobs the brand seeks to leverage India’s rich human resource by making hiring easy for all parties involved - candidates, employers as well as recruitment consultants. It aims to grow the number of monthly active job seekers on the platform by 10x over the next 5 years by simplifying job discovery & efficient match-making between jobs and candidates. With technological innovation at its core, Waah Jobs brings an enhanced and simplified user experience. It leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to scan millions of databases for easier access by employers, matching relevant skill sets to employer needs. The use of vernacular language in near future would be an added advantage to increase the reach and connect with users across geographies. 

4. Can you elaborate around the new brand positioning?

Waah Jobs is positioned to provide the blue and grey collar job seeker with a job of their choice from the most respectful employers in the most simple and efficient way, enhancing the job seeking experience end to end. Since inception, we started to address the recurring challenges in the job market due to the crippling unavailability of information regarding skill benchmarks as well as job requirements. 

Over the years Aasaanjobs (Waah Jobs) has evolved and worked towards seamless hiring across industries by a two-way matchmaking algorithm that filters and connects candidates and employers. Now as Waah Jobs, our core aim is to  formalise the unorganized job sector in India, disrupt the traditional blue and grey collar hiring process and by doing so, to help provide gainful employment for millions.This new brand and evolving positioning illustrates our growing ambition on the market. 

5. As the year has just started, can you share the market trends that you expect to pick up in the year 2021 for jobs sector?

The recruitment sector is seeing a revival led by industries such as technology, start ups, healthcare, logistics and other in demand sectors and will continue to accelerate as the confidence to open businesses continues to grow this year. Post lockdown, there has been a steady surge in the demand for jobs in the blue collar and entry level white collar segment especially during festive season. 

With time market trends are vigorously changing, as developments encompass virtualization, organizations are re-aligning to the new normal and are anticipating an upsurge in the demand for the right talent to tackle challenges that the post-pandemic world is bringing.

The job sector is evolving and the demand for tech proficiency and upskilling is on outpouring. Corporates, brands and even startups have gradually started shifting to remote hiring and look for candidates who are willing to upskill for work progression.

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