Mentally stimulating and culturally uplifting workplace ensures employee satisfaction says Tapasi Chakraborty

In an exclusive interview with BW People, Tapasi Chakraborty, CEO & Director, Astute Outsourcing Services (Chaque Jour Group), talks about the wellness of employees and the role of a CEO in the development of the workforce.


Q.How is the new-age technology for enhancing communication among employees?

Given the new-age technological scenario, it is almost impossible to run a business without having a strong tech support. Although this development has definitely reduced in-person interactions ,it has also opened new avenues for business owners as well as seeking professionals. Innovations such as web conferencing, mobile apps, wearable technology and digital innovations have definitely expanded the reach and connectivity for and within the employees.

While webinars bring employees across the globe on a single platform to brainstorm and hold meetings; smartphones, Google docs, calendars, emails, and laptops ensure a smooth and a fast process. With the rise in the ease of connectivity due to growing technological innovations, there has been a visible increase in people working from home, in turn, generating more employment. Hence, it is with the help of new-age technology employees can communicate more efficiently.

Q.How do you ensure work-life balance at Astute?

Technology plays a major role in the successful implementation of the policies for work-life balance. Today we can implement work from home, ensure flexible working hours and offer part-time jobs only because of technological advancement.

We at Astute outsourcing services Pv.t Ltd. (Chaque Jour Group) offer paternity leaves so that even the male member can also spend time with family. We also give offs on Birthdays, Birthdays of Spouses & on Anniversaries. Since we have a PAN India presence we encourage special transfer requests from employees to their preferred location.


Q. Do you prefer hiring skilled professionals or Millennial with a fresh mind? Why?

We at Chaque Jour offer end to end corporate support services to our clients. Hence, this requires carefully screening, managing and deploying an accurate workforce to meet client demands. The role of our employees holds important responsibilities and therefore hiring professionals who understand the brand’s objectives is imperative. We believe in offering work independence, hence having an experienced employee with a fresh outlook will fall perfectly in line with the brand’s outlook.

Q. What type of skill and training programs does Astute indulge in?

We have a fully enabled internal team for training. This team conducts training sessions and teach the associates' client management, on the job code of conduct and keep open house days for all the queries.

Q. What is the importance of an inspiring workplace?

We believe in offering a mentally stimulating and culturally uplifting workplace to ensure employee satisfaction.

It is to our priority to keep the workplace an interactive and engaging platform to keep the employees feel encouraged and driven towards their goals. From celebrating birthdays and festivals (A day prior) together during office hours to recognizing the employee of every month, we ensure our employees are valued To ensure their health security we provide medical insurance to all our employees. We also have a Chaque Jour trust to offer family security in case of an employee’s sudden demise wherein our company takes complete responsibility for his/her child’s education (up till class 12).

Q.How do you keep your employees motivated in a crisis situation?

It is very common to face a crisis scenario at the workplace, however being a leader, one must learn to direct their employees with a solution is driven strategy and assure the situation will be handled as a team. Keeping the employees engaged and recognizing their hard work during the crisis situation will result in enhanced teamwork.

Q.How should a CEO bridge the skill gap?

“Believe in nurturing the team and cultivating the right skill sets with regular brainstorming sessions and giving more opportunities” is a mantra I go by. Although while hiring we ensure the employee comes with the right skill set, however, it is of utmost priority to provide proper training and clear directions to keep the team in line with the business goals. Keeping interactions transparent and regular employee engagement helps to ensure seamless performance.

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