Looking for a job in the fintech world? Here’s how to prepare yourself

Don’t expect the offshoring industry to keep growing. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics is keeping jobs localized and chipping away at the need to off shore.


Engineers and engineering, as trained so far, may or may not find their skills relevant in the new world that we see emerging. Basic coding will get done, most likely, by BOTS and robotics will replace entry level jobs in the fintech industry, as in all industries.

In recent times, the trend is to use analytics to understand trends in customer choice and help companies make correct decisions in products, services and delivery strategies. Changes are touching customer experience, bringing in operational efficiency through big data and analytics.

In financial services, we have seen this applied to payments, retail banking, insurance, and wealth management, and institutional areas such as capital markets and commercial banking.

Banks need to use smaller, nimble companies to help them with data mining and thereafter process redesigning. Working for a niche, start-up should be part of your planned career path. The skills required for this may have a base of engineering but need a layer of analytics and statistics as well as knowledge of current robotic tools.

Focus on enabling yourself with skills that can thus be applied in this area and jobs will follow.

Don’t expect the offshoring industry to keep growing. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics is keeping jobs localized and chipping away at the need to off shore. So, naturally another area worth exploring is Artificial intelligence. Alliances have started forming between technology companies and banks to reduce costs, risk and enhance internal processes.

Contact vis social media from hiring to vendors to customer contact and responding to customers is sometimes the only way of outreach. Thus, social media management is the need of the hour and focusing on this specialization is another avenue. Companies use data mining for cross selling, thereby breaking traditional silos that fintech companies are often known for.

More than basic engineering skills, Social marketing, relationship skills and human behavioral scientists may be in demand.

Another trend is the way payments are being made. Online transactions have increased by leap and bounds. The user experience for customers is becoming a key differentiator and thus web tools that enhance customer experience with more intuitive interfaces will also be another in demand skill.

CTOs, Chief digital officers and marketing officers will have to work in tandem to speak to today’s digital audience.

Most things will move on to the cloud and this trend has already moved forward. This area of expertise and evaluating it is also perhaps something one could look at.

Consumers will need banking services, but they will not turn to a traditional bank to get these services. Mobile wallets, finance on the run through your car, smart homes – all kind of ways to access banks are being generated and any technology used here is worth exploring.

With everything increasingly going on line, the risk of fraud means the need of cyber security experts and internal risk compliance experts will always be high. These jobs are here to stay and while they will move up the technology ladder they will be around. Specializing in Information security and risk management will more than pay off.

Additionally, Fintech still works on legacy systems. Any company that can come and offer a clean-up solution– technology, cost and speed, without disrupting day to day work will also do well. Look for such companies to work in.

Perhaps at this stage and with everything fast changing that is by far the best advice I can give! Explore ‘google’ to learn where you can do such courses in India or anywhere on line. And remember, today you can get many courses free on line as well.

Keep pace and keep hope, as Asia will be the heart of innovation and some of you at the center of it!

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