Indian employees across cities adopting flexi and digital work spaces, says Microsoft Asia Workplace 2020 Study

84% consider themselves mobile workers; 70% feel empowered to embrace flexi-work


Microsoft announced unveiled findings of its Asia Workplace 2020 Study, where it found that a large number of the Gen X and Millennial workforce in India are open to digital work spaces, value work-life integration (rather than work-life separation), and are embracing flexi work styles that enable them to be mobile professionals with a personalized way of how they work and live. In fact, adoption of practices and advanced technology that enable flexi-work and collaboration have been ranked as the #1 and #2 reasons for joining and staying in an organization.

Interestingly, only 6% of the respondents stated that they were individual contributors. 88% worked in cross-department and/or cross-geography teams. 43% stated that using collaborative technology (i.e. messaging apps, virtual meetings, enterprise social networks, etc.) would make a positive difference in working remotely from locations outside the office, and around 30% believed that it would help provide timely resolution to internal issues and launch new initiatives. 41% felt the need for cloud-based collaboration tools to increase their productivity. 

However, the study also revealed that working professionals did not yet feel that their organizations are fully on board for this. Only 55% agreed that their leadership is committed to ensure every employee is included in bridging the digital skills gap. 54% agreed that their organization has invested in culture development; 53% agreed that their organization has invested in analytics and data tools to help make informed and immediate decisions; and 56% agreed that their organization has given them tools to simplify and standardize their workflow.

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