Indian Employees Want Commute Time Counted As Office Hours: Survey

Researchers also highlighted that 41 percent of the office goers hated the office commute part the most about their jobs


Employees, on an average, spend in-between two to three hours in their bout of the daily commute to their office which makes nine-hour shift to 12-hour shift.   

In a recent global workplace survey, it was found that 61 percent of office commuters in India desire of having their commute time to be included in their official working hours. Researchers also highlighted that 41 percent of the office goers hated the office commute part the most about their jobs.

Although, as per the report, the global demand for taking into account of travelling time in official timings seemed fairly low as compared to India as it stood at only 42 percent.  

The study also brought out that acknowledging the needs of their employees, over 80 percent of Indian companies have introduced flexible working hours. The move came as dire to attract and retain employees.  

Further, the research stated that not having a flexible workspace policy adds the risk of losing out the creamy employees of the organisation. Also, backing it with figures, it highlighted that globally 71 percent and 81 percent of the Indian businesses believe that providing flexible working empowers and expands their talent pool.  

And following the trail, 77 percent of global and 81 percent of businesses in India have started to adopt flexible working to improve talent retention.  

Moreover, the report brought out a unique fact that globally 32 percent and 49 percent of Indian employees prioritize flexible working over reputable positions. The research quoted, “Perhaps this is due to an increasing focus on work/life balance: flexible working is seen to improve this balance by 78 percent globally and 86 percent in India.” 

The survey cum research was conducted by the International Workplace Group (IWG) and was participated by more than 15,000 office workers from numerous industries of more than 80 countries.  

Additionally, MindMetre Research managed the survey independently of senior leadership and employers around the world constituting from different industries.  

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