How organisations can prepare a roadmap to reskill employees

Reskill to stay relevant. Technology has disrupted the traditional business environment and is changing the discourse of business methods today. It’s impacting the business processes and skill sets to the extent that many of them are becoming outdated or defunct. In fact, it has compelled business leaders to rethink the overall business strategy. Undoubtedly, the timely intervention of technology in business has augmented the overall efficiency and output and many Indian companies have been able to integrate this transformation in the lifeblood of their businesses. In these dynamic scenarios, employees, especially managers and mid-managers, have to update their skill sets to remain relevant, and manage and lead these transformations.


Digital learning for young managers

Many prudent companies have already started doing this by offering different Internet-based flexible courses to its employees. These digital courses are a win-win situation for both the managers and the organization. Organizations can then decide whether to spend on further training needs after the goal-assessment process and proper due diligence with the different stakeholders of the ecosystem.

If companies would like to stay ahead of the game by shaping their young managers, consider investing in eLearning platforms. It could help organisations to close the gap between learning and leaders.

Training as a perk

There are various types of training requirements that organizations tend to impart at different levels of hierarchy. Managers mostly need management training, which become more profound when blended with theoretical knowledge that has a healthy mixture of practical exposure. At the same time, these courses and training are costlier than the other courses and training offered. So, it is difficult for managers to afford them. And when companies sponsor these, it creates a great degree of goodwill among them.

Digital learning helps managers acclimatize to the situation and changing needs. This type of training keeps managers updated in real-time, keeping them posted of any and all developments in their particular sphere. Digital learning can give managers the perception that organizations are helping them move up in the firm and also that their needs and requirements are being catered to.

Lowest attrition rates

Digital training programs incorporate contemporary digital trends that not only benefit and engage top talent but also help them grow within their careers and stay with the company longer, thus reducing attrition.

There is a definite sense of goodwill generated when companies invest in their managers and work towards embellishing and developing their workforce and especially their managers and supervisors, and this has been proven to result in greater faith, loyalty, and the evolution of a common value system with the organization.

Propelling success of an individual

In today’s fiercely competitive business arena, polished people skills will distinguish you from the crowd. It’ll give you an edge that will make the difference between you and another person who is just as smart. It will propel you to success and make you shine.

The use of the best content, real-time learning, feedback methods, and personalized instructions are essential to propel the success of an individual on the basis of this form of digital learning. The recall and grasping power of an employee goes up significantly if they get an opportunity to learn a concept through experiencing it even digitally. Therefore, it is important for the top management of the organization to understand how digital learning trends are impacting the knowledge base at the workplace today.

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