How The American Dream Is Souring For Many Indians

Visa procedures may turn out to be increasingly tedious and there will be changes for H-1B, just as F-1 understudy visas and discretionary handy preparing.


On the off chance that the corrections and recommendations proposed by the Department of Homeland Security in the US are actualized, Indians longing for working in the US might be disillusioned. The main proposal is to change the meaning of H-1B, with the goal that lone pro quality ability can enter the US. This suggests an amendment of the business worker relationship, making wage increases obligatory for H-1B visa holders with the goal that they are the most profoundly gifted in the genuine feeling of the world. This implies, the pace of dismissal may go up. The visa procedure may turn out to be truly testing, disheartening managers. Given that around 70% of the all-out H-1B visa holders in the US are Indians, this redefinition may not foreshadow well for them. 

In the new visa system, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has proposed a timeframe be fixed for affirmation and augmentation of remain for understudies. According to the current practice, F-1 visa holders are permitted to remain in the US as long as they wish to, if they have the qualified status allowed by the US government for F-1 holders. A correction will influence the more than two lakh Indian understudies who wish to remain on after graduation or OPT. 

The discretionary handy preparing (OPT) choices given to understudy visa holders will likewise be altered with more oversight and expanded consistence, so they don't abuse the equivalent. This implies, schools and organizations should put more as far as consistence and management to keep extortion under control, as generally Indian and Chinese understudies see OPT as a quicker method to acquire a H-1B visa. Countless Indian alumni get work licenses for OPT occupations consistently. 

It has additionally been suggested that the H4 Employee Authorization Document (EAD) be expelled. The H4EAD grants the companions of H-1B visa holders to work in the US. This was an exceptionally appealing recruiting choice for some organizations, as H4 EAD laborers could be employed at compensation much lower than H-1B visa holders. It is said that there are regarding 70,000 visa holders in the US.

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