How Enterprises Can Unlock Growth By Outsourcing Office Space

While working out of these spaces, a company does not have to pay the enormous costs of capital expenditure, a major drawback observed in the traditional way of setting up offices


Serviced workspaces are breaking the traditional norms of building business infrastructure by nullifying the accumulated costs of CAPEX, sunk costs and peripheral costs that were hitherto a bane for companies, simply by managing all the non-operative services in an office such as the cost of lighting, furniture, decor, IT equipment etc. under one roof. This enables businesses to achieve both cost and effort efficiency by outsourcing the fringe functions to the workspace provider to concentrate wholly on core activities. Furthermore, enterprises no longer need to bother about the costs associated with managing daily operations involved in running an office smoothly. 

Here’s how serviced offices are helping businesses bloom at a booming pace:


By offering ready to move fully serviced and stylised office spaces, these spaces help companies overcome the capital blockages. While working out of these spaces, a company does not have to pay the enormous costs of capital expenditure, a major drawback observed in the traditional way of setting up offices. The significant amount of capital that is saved is now free to be utilised in the crucial and central activities of the business that are essential for both the short term and long term aspects of the business.


What follows is a revolutionary shift in the way businesses operate. Serviced offices function as empowered platforms, or rather the tools of disruption, as companies now have an opportunity to break free from the constraints of CAPEX. With zero capital expenditure, businesses can now focus entirely on its principle operations. Thus managed workspaces are changing what can be called the very ‘dimensions’ of the commercial real estate sector by constantly challenging, disrupting and improving upon the traditional forms.


The serviced and managed office spaces act as customized platforms that accelerate growth and progress for a company as they allow the company ample freedom to direct all its energies into its basic functions alone and the flexibility to adapt as per its needs. Additionally, working together with various other enterprises helps in networking opportunities, resource pooling, and a better understanding of the business environment and gain crucial insights that can help businesses to utilize opportunities and gain a competitive edge.


Serviced offices also help in bridging the gap between the traditional office mechanisms and the unpredictable needs of a modern-day business. As in the traditional scheme of things a business would suffer from the drawbacks of uncertainty even with an optimistic outlook as it could end up buying and paying for more space and furniture in hope of future expansion than it actually needs, or in the case of a pessimistic company that has to settle for less than what is required for basic performance. Serviced offices allow instant scaling of assets to be initiated as per the individual needs of the business and can be amended as per the demand of the hour whether it is increasing the number of office desks or whether upgrading the IT systems at a fraction of the costs otherwise incurred in the traditional model. 


These one-stop ready to move workspaces go even further by creating a dynamic and diverse environment where multiple businesses of various natures coexist in a single space all looked and cared for by a single servicer. The opportunity for growth multiplies in such a robust environment where one is constantly engaging with multiple entities at multiple levels at the same time.

With serviced workspaces businesses have new opportunities for growth that were impossible within the traditional framework. Now businesses can channelize all its efforts towards its primary goals and not worry about paying the electricity bills or ensure the coffee machine is in order, as all of that is now accounted by the workspace provider itself. Indeed the future is here and it’s looking good!

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