How Can You Backup Your Marketing Facts In The World Of Fake News

You cannot believe anything you find on the internet today. The right kind of fact can be very informative, on the other hand inaccurate information can create a lot of confusion


The Internet has its fair share of pros and cons. On one hand where it provides great information on the other hand it is filled with irrelevant and scammy sites. This isn’t a drawback just for the readers but it largely affects the sites that are providing authentic information too.

You cannot believe anything you find on the internet today. The right kind of fact can be very informative, on the other hand inaccurate information can create a lot of confusion.

Giving out facts, sharing knowledge seems great but, it needs to be backed up. False facts can actually lead to a downfall. Make sure you have enough knowledge on the facts that you are giving out. Even if it’s very close to your heart it shouldn’t be altered with.

Your fact shouldn’t be controversial. People should be talking about your facts for the right reasons. It is only with the right facts you’ll attract the right kind of visitors.

The factual information can diversify across sources but if it holds truth then that information is quite powerful. However, if it’s not backed up you wouldn’t be trusted even if it holds the truth.

You’ll be questioned for authenticity by your audience. Gaining trust isn’t easy but, losing it doesn’t really take a lot of time. So make sure you do not do anything that would make you lose their trust.

Your facts are going to be more persuasive with the help of the backing up. With the right backing up you can make a great brand name.

The only way you can authoritatively give out marketing facts is when you are able to back it up. But the true problem is how you are going to ensure that.

These below mentioned ways are going to make sure you stay credible with your marketing facts in the world of fake news.


Anyone can call opinions facts if they want to, but you need to determine what would make you different.

No one is simply going to believe what you say, unless you have backed it up well. How can your fact be memorable in front of the thousands of sources available?

A good research that will ensure accuracy, is the answer! Research Provides great evidence. Research shouldn’t be neglected at any cost.

A good research requires following the methods of researching. Survey, Measurement development, Observation, Quasi-experimental methods, Experimental methods, Secondary analysis and meta-analysis are a few research methods. If you want the most accurate study then more than one method should be used.

Having good research skills is much needed here. With research, you can find different perceptions that people have on the same fact. You can also understand the fact from all the sides in depth

Even though it might feel that you are wasting time with research, it will potentially be of great help in the future and possibly save up your time then.

With research you can get relevant backing up from various sources including books, journals, websites, etc.

Link to reliable sources

You can provide a link to other websites supporting the facts. However those sources need to be reliable. Make sure the source you are linking or citing is trustworthy and well established already.

Through this you can both benefit from each other. Your readers should be trusting that source. This will satisfy the readers as well.

Make sure you truly believe in what the other site is supporting. Their website needs to be up to date as well. Their information needs to be most recent too. Make sure the source is current as well.

Don’t blindly trust any website just to support your fact. However even if it’s a reputed site, make sure you still double check the information available with them. After all even your name would be associated.

Sometimes it’s possible the fact might not be exactly the same but still supports you. Remember, only a good source will strengthen your fact. Thus, the source has to be accurate.

The source shouldn’t be biased either. You need to question that source if required. Evaluate it properly. What’s the intention of the other source? Your reputation is in line. So, don’t risk any mishap!

Don’t just stop at one reliable source though? See if you can find something better. Also make sure the link you are providing doesn’t look spammy either.

Be clear with your visitors

You need to be very honest with your audience. Let them know how you have truly backed up your facts. There’s no point in lying to them.

The truth is going to help you connect more with them. If you are unsure about certain facts, let them know. It’s better if they find out from you, rather than accusing you of falsifying later.

If you have a certain opinion attached to the fact, don’t be afraid of telling them that either. Honesty will help you gain true supporters.

Take the help of an expert

Experts know the best right? Well, in this case it does hold some truth!

A recognizable face will make the readers trust you more. An industry expert can truly validate your fact. It’s okay if the expert doesn’t hold a fancy degree. As long as he is good in his field, it’s enough.

But make sure their facts are based on rationality as well. Make sure the experts have their own backed up research supporting their viewpoints.

You can find the experts by making contacts, attending seminars or by even reaching out to them through the internet.

Use Authoritative Sources

Using authoritative sources is a great way to back up your marketing facts. Your source can be anything or anyone including a trusty website or an influencer from the field.

However, the sources that you refer to needs to hold a certain reputation in the field. Someone else’s creditability will automatically make the readers trust you. But, if the source isn’t authoritative, your fact will automatically nullify.

The marketing universe is filled with scammy websites. In fact it starts right at the entry level with fake marketing job offers. If marketing can be this scammy right from the beginning, you can imagine how important it is for you to be extremely careful.

Such sites might look authoritative from the outside but might lead you to trouble. Be aware of those.

This is why, you need to do your homework on the sources even if they might seem trusty on the outside. You never know what kind of skeletons they might be hiding in their closet.

Don’t mix up the fact with your opinion

Many of us are guilty of presenting our opinions as facts to others. However, in the world of marketing you simply cannot do that. You cannot give out your opinion and call it a fact. Your audience deserves to know the truth.

Make sure you avoid this, as it might even ruin your name in the industry. And nothing is worth doing that.

Keep updating your facts

Your facts are going to be the true hero after all. So, you need to need to centre all the marketing tips and tricks on your facts.

You want your visitors to come back for more information, right?

And for this providing them Valuable information is the key. Outdated facts are obviously going to be ignored. Make sure the facts are fresh and unique.

Even if you have stated your marketing facts already, don’t just post it once and forget about it. You need to keep going back to it and repeat all the research processes. This will ensure that the fact has stayed the same or changed. It’s actually a never ending process. And you simply cannot ignore it either as it’s your reputation on the line.

If your visitors are truly satisfied with your facts they are definitely going to appreciate your efforts.

In the world of marketing, there isn’t really a lot you can do to make your audience trust you. Fortunately, there are ways you can turn that around.

Someone who shares the love for marketing can give out marketing facts without thinking much about supporting the factual claims. However, even if it’s done with great intentions it can work against them in the future. But, even though this is a very crucial part it’s very easy to do it the right way. Backing up your marketing facts with the help of the above mentioned tips, will surely increase your chances!

There are various ways to back up marketing facts including detailed research, adding reliable links to the facts, taking the help of experts to fact check and using well established and reputed sources to gather information, etc. being very clear with the audiences about every detail of the factual evidence is quite essential.

It’s great to be opinionated about something you believe in. but with marketing facts, you have to keep your emotions and biases aside. And while you are at it, don’t underestimate the power of updating facts!

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