Happy Organisation Reaps Productive Fruits

Events like happy places can help various companies to be more productive said Praveen Purohit


Nowadays there are a lot of conversations around Happy Employees. How to keep employees happy and productive is the most discussed topic in the management of many organizations.

Praveen Purohit, Deputy Chief Human Resources Officer, Vedanta limited states how events like happy places can help various companies be more productive. He shared the five fundamental aspects of making company a happy place. The primary thing which he shared is their support for nation-building and how they are contributing to making India strong.

Leadership from within is the next fundamental thing that he shared and how Vedanta is promoting leadership in its employees. The third aspect he explained is differentiated rewards and growth, and how employees need to be paid more for their performances rather than their age. Diversity equity and inclusion is the most important factor in the growth of any organisation and despite of employees from various part of the country, they are working in harmony for the growth of the company. The next factor which he talked about is quality of life and what steps should be taken to improve the lives of each and every person associated with the company.

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