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In an exclusive interview with BW People, Ashutosh Bajpai, MD, Prathem Group, talks about the employee policies at Prathem, newly launched shopping channel and his views on the Flip-Mart deal.


Q.1 According to you, what are the best employee retention policies every leader should adopt?
Employee retention policy that we at Prathem Link believe in is to give freedom to employees at work. Timely salary and healthy work environment are also an important aspect that we work on to retrieve employees.

Q.2 Shed some light on the success of Prathem Group since its establishment?
Prathem Link D2H Service is a group of technical experts who dare to think and shape the thoughts. The professional staff consists of best media broadcasting & IT talent in the industry which is capable of developing the Art of Live Broadcast solutions for the clients. The brand is adding more feathers to its portfolio by adding Prathem Bazar (Teleshopping Network) and Prathem News (Online News Portal).
-PrathemLink is the IP Broadcasting Solution Provider
- Capable of developing state of art media solutions
- Capable of sourcing and designing broadcasting solutions
- PrathemLink partners with leading Broadcasting OEM’s & Companies
- Partnered with Mobile Viewpoint as IP Contribution Solutions for LIVE Broadcast
- Partnered with PlayOut, Professional Video Cameras, Sound Mixers etc.
- PrathemLink Services combine domain expertise and the latest technologies
- A strong team with exceptionally good knowledge of IP Broadcasting solutions
- System integrator for various products so that can deliver quality solutions to clients
- PrathemLink’s Quality Standards
- Persistently achieving market quality standards
- Forthcoming projects to start new wings- Prathem Bazar (Teleshopping Network) and Prathem News (Online news Portal)

Q.3 What are your thoughts on the Flipkart- Walmart deal? Do you think it's going to affect the existing E-commerce retailing in the country?
The investment made in the Flipkart and Walmart deal is done by foreign companies so the exchange value is not being used in India. Most of the money invested in this deal is going out of the country. This deal is definitely going to affect the retailing industry in India and most of the teleshopping channels are going to close their operation which is running or purchasing Chinese items, duplicate items from Hong Kong, Singapore.

Q.4 Do you think customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction are equally important? Why?
Yes, customer and employee satisfaction are equally important for us. To retain customers one must satisfy employees so that they can deliver the assured results to the customers. Happier employees make happier customers.

Q.5 How would you define success and what do you think is the best way to it?
For me, success is to work with full dedication and with a free mind. It means creating a business that empowers customers, employees, and community in equal measures. A successful entrepreneur should work with clear intentions to achieve the desired goals.

Q.6 Tell us about the newly launched online shopping channel at Prathem?
Prathem Bazar, Home Shopping Channel – 24/7 is a next-gen start-up in TV Commerce & Online segment in India. The one-stop shop for all categories with quality products delivers directly from the factory. Products include electronics, home appliances and other indispensable needs of everyday life which bring an ease to consumers. The whole idea is to create an experience of easy purchasing with faster delivery, better quality and top brands on board. It brings together a perfect balance between TV and online shopping with one of India's best online selling site, and on the company's proprietary mobile android app. Prathem Bazar helps people connect better by making the whole experience of buying easier. With quality and value mixed, the brand thrives to provide an exceptional experience and convenience to its customers.

Q.7 Three pieces of advice you would like to give to the budding entrepreneurs?
-One should work with a clear and good intention
-Believe in what you do
-Try till you achieve desired results

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