Future Of Work Boon or Bane For Entrepreneurs

The session was all about the growth of future entrepreneurs in terms of innovation in the field of diversity in age, ethnicity, geographical and cultural diversity.


The younger generation wants to create an organization to work with the youth and every individual to add much value to innovation and entrepreneurship. The access to the user and the industry is the technology and the opportunity it creates for culture.

The session was all about the growth of future entrepreneurs in terms of innovation in the field of diversity in age, ethnicity, geographical and cultural diversity. The moderator Sunadan Bhanja Chaudhury, Executive Partner, The Taplow Group had a detailed talk with the panel regarding diversity and its aspects. The panel in BW 40 Under 40 Achievers on Future of work boon or bane for entrepreneurs comprised of founders like   Dipali Mathur Dayal, Founder, Supersmelly, Gaurav Parchani, Founder, Dozee, Harsh Pokharna, Co-Founder & CEO, Okcredit, Piyush Gupta, Founder, Kestone Integrated Marketing Services, Himanshu Arya, Founder, and CEO, Grapes Digital.

Several growing entrepreneurs just need a laptop and an internet connection. The growth of micro-entrepreneurs has the basics for their business through the internet. But providing the simplicity of technology is either difficult or expensive. Technology plays an important role across countries with different time zones where the existence of offices doesn’t matter but scaling does. The pandemic has caused a generation change through zoom calls making business easier and cost-effective. The conferences are happening online bringing a big boom for digital platforms.

Digital brought them the art of the digital economy. 

The diversity in the number of women entrepreneurs has changed by 20 percent. The pandemic has also accelerated millions of workforces in general. The entrepreneurs change to capture the market by having work from home and changing the products day in and day out. Digital is way forward in the post-pandemic situation. People are happy to work with clients and lots of flexibility and diversity with 45 percent are women employees and a lot to do as multi-tasker. Age diversity in work helps youngsters contributing to companies as a part-time involvement.  geographies boundaries and how technology has equipped us today.

When asked about the aspects of Cultural diversity Gaurav Parchani Founder, Dozee said culture which develops the culture of the team and possibly over zoom. Culture reaches strategy culture of ownership in the distant environment and letting them be of their own. It may look like your own job and organization and a different set of qualifications and drive the ownership and deliver culture and delivery developing that is little tough.

Technology is everywhere everything is based on technology. Artificial Intelligence plays a more important role in data. For eg:-AI consumer brand -Human intuition emails SMS and surveys, big data and data decisions, and lots of data consumer brand right decision and right choices.

The age diversity, ethnic diversity brand youth kids realized the technology can do more than technology and marketing knowledge. The take on culture and ownership development is a little tough and reemphasizes the work and needs to be delivered in a joint thing in a given scenario. The impact of cultural diversity not in gender but ethnic and geographical.

Digital distribution is a key and doing things better and keep aware of new things either for the customer and own operation. The earlier software used to be a push industry usually software was pushed to the industries but recently it pulls in the market itself. People are aware of using Hotstar and WhatsApp major change in the industry with an increase in OTT subscription. Organizations work with youth to make them an entrepreneur. The entrepreneur journey should begin earlier in life as India is a country fertile for innovation.

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